Liberating the Citizen Trickster in You – Caroline Casey


Liberating the Citizen Trickster in You by Caroline Casey provides the foundation and best practices for you to set you free and live an abundant life.

Liberating the Citizen Trickster in You by Caroline Casey


Liberating the Citizen Trickster in You by Caroline Casey shares with you how to liberate your mind for the abundance in life, with the walk-through of foundation and adaptable methods. There are seven councils packed in the  Liberating the Citizen Trickster in You by Caroline Casey, which can help you understand how-tos and the spiritual backgrounds and knowledge. The course is designed for those who have passion for spirituality and the development of your soul. Caroline Casey demystifies and dismantles the frameworks and knowledge, in combination with the explicit explanation.  


Overview of what you achieve in the Liberating the Citizen Trickster in You by Caroline Casey:


  • Council 1 – Story Craft: shares insights into Grail Legend, pragmatic mysticism, mythic forces of play which become savvy agents of influence, and so on.
  • Council 2 – Cultivating Reverent Irreverence & Compassion With Sizzle: shows the methods of navigating the underworld with external support, the art of blessing and the roadmap for liberation, etc. 
  • Council 3 –  Breaking Old Spells: inward connection with the aid of The Gurdjieffian Levels of Consciousness, how to become disciplined wild persons, etc.
  • Council 4 – Dedicated Acts of Beauty Invite Power Into the World: shares insights into the orbital cycle of Venus for the guidance of survival in the Underworld, how to win back the harmony, and awake Venusian energy to help us achieve our goals, etc. 
  • Council 5 – The Liberating Magic of Language: guides one to leverage the power of Uranus and Mercury for the acceleration of turning points in your life milestones, access to Neptunian qualities, and so on.
  • Council 6 – Becoming Artists of Atmosphere and Public Dreams: shares the social strategy metaphors, the practice of “metaphoric agility” and the deep-dives into Neptune, dreams, visualization, etc.
  • Council 7 – Blessing Poker – I See Your Blessing & Raise You One: reveals the true power of Fierce Blessing and Jupiter proffers, etc. to see the beauty in everything. 

About Caroline Casey

Caroline Casey

Caroline Casey is the founder of  The Visionary Activist Show on Pacifica Radio Network, sharing the knowledge about the planetary movements and their influence on our lives, as well as what we can do to achieve abundance and fulfillment. Caroline Casey has gained education about mystery and spirituality, such as Mystery Schools, Kabbalah, Gurdjieff, Zen Buddhism, Zen Swordsmanship, and so on. You can get access to Caroline Casey’s insights through her notable books, such as Cosmic Connections, Visionary Activist Astrology, Making the Gods Work for You: The Astrological Language of the Psyche, and so on. Moreover, Caroline Casey also develops online courses for sharing her vast knowledge and experience related to astrology, liberating our minds, magic, mythology, literature, etc. The invisible connections in this world can be seen under the instructions of Caroline Casey, for you to correct yourself, become a much kinder and happier person, to see the beauty of this life, both pain and happiness. 

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