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The course Facebook Income School by Lester Diaz will provide you with a thorough guidance on how to make full-time profit using the social giant Facebook. 

General description of the course Facebook Income School by Lester Diaz

Facebook offers one of the most lucrative ways to generate money online at the moment. As a result of this move, the social media behemoth is bringing the fight directly to YouTube, where it has launched a variety of monetization mechanisms that, for the first time, make it possible to earn a portion of the multi-billion dollar advertising juggernaut that is Facebook. And it is for this reason that now is the perfect moment to invest in Facebook monetization opportunities.

Because of his position as one of the fortunate few who have had access to the monetization options supplied by Facebook since 2016, Lester Diaz has been able to earn thousands of dollars simply by posting movies and articles on the social media platform. And it is true that you may earn a full-time income by developing simple modest Facebook sites that have been profitable for the previous few years.

The opportunity to peer over Lester Diaz’s shoulder and learn the precise step-by-step technique he has used since 2016 to establish pages with hundreds of thousands of likes that generate $1,000’s each month is now available to you. You will receive the following benefits as a result of enrolling in Facebook Income School:

  • Module 1: Introduction
    • Overview
    • What You Should Know about Facebook Monetization 
  • Module 2: Creating Your Facebook Page
    • Overview
    • Finding a niche
    • Researching a niche
    • Choosing the best name for your page 
    • Creating your page 
    • Making your page professional
  • Module 3: Growing your Facebook Page
    • The 90-day growth plan
    • How to find and create viral posts 
    • Getting 10K targeted likes (part 2) 
    • Case Study: Getting 0.01 per like on your page
    • Steps beyond 10K likes 
  • Module 4: Finding & Creating Videos
    • How to find videos 
    • Additional video content sources 
    • Tips to avoid Facebook page violations 
    • How to create a unique viral video (part 1, 2) 
    • Uploading your video 
    • Thumbnails, tags & more 
    • Posting frequency and scheduling 
    • Buying licensed viral videos
    • Using licensed viral videos (case study) 
  • Module 5: Facebook Monetization
    • Joining Facebook Ad Breaks 
    • Joining Facebook Instant Articles 
    • Country Availability workaround 
    • Reaching 30K 1-minute views fast 
    • Facebook payments & general information 
  • Module 6: How to get MORE views
    • How to get views for $0.001 each view (part 1, 2) 
    • Using custom audiences for targeted views 
    • How to use collaborations 
    • Video suggestion method 
    • Video repost method 
  • Module 7: How to double your Ad Breaks earnings
    • Increase your RPM to make more profits
    • The viral retargeting strategy 
  • Module 8: Conclusion
    • Rinse and repeat 
    • Joining our private Facebook group 
    • What you should know 

Meet your Facebook Income School creator: Lester Diaz

Lester Diaz

More than a decade ago, Lester Diaz began working as a full-time internet marketer, while also teaching others how to use social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube to develop their own internet businesses and ultimately attain financial independence through their own internet businesses. He first became interested in online marketing a few years ago. Lester Diaz persevered and learnt from his mistakes during the first three years of his business, during which he did not generate any big life-changing money. He discovered that perseverance and hard work do pay off, but that the learning curve may be rather expensive and time consuming. However, if you are determined to not give up and keep going, you will eventually succeed as well, as he did. After all, time will pass regardless of whether or not you act on your dreams, so why not make the most of it now?

Buy the Facebook Income School course of Lester Diaz now to start building your own business on Facebook and earn thousands of dollars monthly income from it.

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