Laura Brill – Sales Letters That Sell


Laura Brill – Sales Letters That Sell


A good sales letter is a money-making tool that can make all the difference between closing a sale and losing a sale.

And the secret to an outstanding sales letter is to write as though you were talking.

This lively book shows salespeople at all levels how to achieve a conversational tone that makes readers comfortable-and receptive-to their message.

In clear, concise language, Brill teaches salespeople how to:

** speak their prospect’s language

** use the opening to capture attention

** keep sentences and paragraphs short and punchy

** motivate the prospect to act-now!

** quickly mention the benefits that interest the prospect

** avoid language that sounds fancy, stilted, legalistic, or parental The book also provides 50 sales letter “makeovers” a series of before-and-after letters that show salespeople how to turn a dud into a dazzler!




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