Laura Brandenburg – How to Start a Business Analyst Career


Laura Brandenburg – How to Start a Business Analyst Career


Laura’s book provides spot-on recommendations to help you drastically reduce the amount of effort and time required to jump-start your business analyst career. If you were to invest in just one resource to help you transition into a high-paying and rewarding business analyst career, you couldn’t do better than this book. 

~ Adriana Beal, Product Manager and Principal Consultant at Beal Projects LLCWhen people ask me, how do I become a business analyst?, I always sigh (inside!) because I would love to give them a simple guide, but I know that it is complicated, and any answer has to start with it depends…Laura has done the almost impossible by providing a route into business analysis via a step-by-step process that anyone can follow.
-Alex Papworth, Business Analyst and Mentor,
What a wonderful gift you can give yourself with this book, which will help you decide if business analysis is the right career move for you.
 -Bob the BA (aka Bob Prentiss)
Practical, principle-based, and easy to read and use, professionals of any background or career level seeking an opportunity in business analysis stand to benefit from this book.
-Jonathan Babcock, Jabian Consulting and Editor of




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