Kombucha Dave – Lightning Deal Loopholes


Kombucha Dave – Lightning Deal Loopholes


My ultimate library of tips, tricks, and hacks that I use to easily launch my products from zero to #1 ranked, all while staying profitable…

Lightning Deal Approval
My 3 step process to get your products approved for Lightening Deals within 48 hours (even if Amazon says you can’t).
Get FREE Traffic To Your Lightning Deals
How to get tons of free traffic right to your Amazon listing, all while boosting your keyword ranking and supercharging your brand authority.
Lightning Deal Timing Mastery
Gives you the power to launch your Lightning Deals whenever you want… and transform a decently profitable Lightning Deal into your own personal “Prime Day”
Lightning Deal Piggybacking
My “unfair advantage” to get multiple lightning deals FREE without paying Amazon a single penny extra.
and so much more…

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