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The Kick Start Course by Trade Like Rocket is a collection of everything you need to trade confidently and achieve the consistency of trading profitability.

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The Kick Start Course by Trade Like Rocket


The Kick Start Course by Trade Like Rocket serves you the essentials and upgraded techniques and strategies to trade profitably and win consistency in such a highly volatile market. 


Comprehensive instructions on trading techniques and strategies are in the Kick Start Course by Trade Like Rocket.


  • Introduction:


You will get the overview of trading knowledge and strategies for beginners and intermediate traders. The fundamentals and upgraded techniques are shown with the brief walk – through so that you know the knowledge you will learn in the next sections. 

  • Market Terms:


Instructions on terminologies are provided in this section, such as long and short time frames, types of traders, type of trades as well as trading instruments. 


  • Trading Mindset:


The multifaceted aspects about trading psychology and mindset are discussed so that you can learn the best traits of professional traders who can maintain the consistency of trading profitability. 


  • Key Tools:


You will learn how to utilise the powerful tools and indicators that could help you win higher profits with less risks without spending the whole day monitoring and manually conducting the trading techniques and strategies. 


  • Options Introductions:


In this section, you will learn how to master the fundamentals of options trading, the knowledge about options chain, the strategies of options trading, Greeks and how to implement a trade, and so on. 


  • Trading Strategy:


The knowledge about momentum, level 2 times and sales, time frames and charting framework is openly shared along with the in – depth analysis and instruction. Moreover, you will get access to the intensive walk – through on support and resistance, candlesticks, indicators that can support you with technical analysis. Therefore, you can learn more about chart patterns, trendlines, the Supply and Demand law to increase the accuracy of market projection, and so on. 


  • Practical Sessions:


The application guidelines on trade setups and confirmations, backtesting methods, trading checklists, momentum trading, and so on are openly shared. 


  • Advanced Strategies:


The upgraded versions of many trading strategies are shown along with the detailed instructions on how-tos. The walk – through on advanced strategies includes day trading, swing trading, quant earnings, flowalgo, momentum, scanner fundamental, scanz setting, thinkorswim scanners, and so on. 


  • Live trading sessions:


You will get access to many practical explanations of case studies and examples that happened in the real trading market, along with the real – time demonstrations. Therefore, you can gain hands – on experience after learning the powerful frameworks. 


You will also read many insightful books about trading strategy development, technical analysis and psychology, etc. 


  • Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas 
  • The Daily Trading Coach 
  • Trading Psychology – Brett N. Steenbarger
  • Candlestick Charting for Dummies
  • Trade Like Warren Buffet – James Altucher 
  • An Investor’s Guide to Trading Options 
  • Candlestick Charts 
  • Encyclopedia of Candlesticks 
  • How to Beat the Market Makers at Their Own Game 
  • Mike Bellafiore One Good Trade
  • Option Spread Strategies
  • And so much more!

About Trade Like Rocket

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Trade Like Rocket has provided one of the most comprehensive trading educational programs. You will learn the trading mindset and psychology to stay calm in even the choppiest conditions for the clever actions. The techniques and strategies are provided along with the instructions on the research process, technical indicators, fundamentals and advanced concepts, tools, indicators, and so on. The chart patterns and signals are pointed out so you can increase the accuracy of the market projections which is the key to unlocking the consistency of trading profitability. 

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