Justin Mamis – The Nature of Risk


Justin Mamis – The Nature of Risk

Sometimes the biggest risk of all is taking one, and the need to be sure you are making the right choice actually increases the risk. The market is not efficient and hedging doesn’t work. To rely on charts to understand the market is Mamis’ way. The author is an excellent market technician who offers sound financial guidance and insights into the prepared mind. He gets your thinking going with a comfortable investment philosphy that will often go against convention. There are enough anecdotes, war stories, and charts to make for sound advise. The path to market freedom is technique, and you don’t have to be one of the best traders to succeed with experience. It seems to me that the entire 1990s have confirmed the ambiguities of market language and how to operate in such a world. You will know how to keep risk at bay which most of us find not to be an easy task. 241 pages.

About the Author

After serving as Assistant Director of the NYSE Floor Department, Justin Mamis founded and edited The Professional Tape Reader in 1972, selling it in 1977 to its current editor with thoughts of retirement. Instead he spent several years as an “upstairs” Member-Trader for Phelan, Silver, an NYSE specialist firm and subsequently settled into his roles as market advisory letter writer, forecaster, and philosopher on behalf of Wertheim & Co., and then Gordon Capital. He then became Senior Vice President and Chief Market Technician at Hancock, where he wrote his weekly Mamis Letter. Quotes from the Mamis Letter appear frequently in Barron’s and The Wall Street Journal and his often heretical and usually grumpy comments can be heard from time to time on CNBC. Among his credentials he has been voted for several consecutive years to the Institutional Investor “All-Star Team” in the categories of Market Timing and Market Technician. Justin continues to write his market letter and do forecasting and philosophizing.





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