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The 4 Courses Bundle of Jordan Belfort provides you with Inner Game of Wealth, Sales Psychology, Script Builder, and Straight Line Marketing. 

Explore what you will get in the 4 Courses Bundle of Jordan Belfort

The 4 Courses Bundle of Jordan Belfort includes the following course which cover a wide range of topics from sales to marketing to help you build a wealthy life:

  • Jordan Belfort – Inner Game of Wealth
  • Jordan Belfort – Sales Psychology
  • Jordan Belfort – Script Builder
  • Jordan Belfort – Straight Line Marketing


  • Jordan Belfort – Inner Game of Wealth


The journey you are about to take shows the ultimate way to financial freedom. It is based on a range of talents, methods and experiences practiced and improved by Jordan Belfort across several firms, investments and growth chances. These are the key qualities which have enabled him to develop, then recreate and share his own financial success.

Although at the Straight Line Training Event you will discover thorough systems and strategies, Jordan Belfort’s Inside Game of Wealth is aimed to offer you a jump inside the mind and concepts on which his techniques are based. Portions of his path were both humiliating and exhilarating and it is most hopeful that you can profit from his accomplishments and at the same time learn from his mistakes, to build a continuous space for his own real and enduring plenty, not only monetarily but in all other areas of your life.

The contents of Inner Game of Wealth are described as follows:

  • Four Secrets to Ultimate Success
  • Two Roads to Ultimate Failure
  • EXERCISE: Your Beliefs
  • EXERCISE: Your Unconscious Strategy
  • When You Strip Everything Else Away
  • A Quick Note on Mentors
  • Exercise: Evaluate Your Habits
  • 7 Things that Hold People Back


  • Jordan Belfort – Sales Psychology


You will need to learn several distinct abilities in this Sales Psychology course, which allows you to understand your psychology of sales and how to interact with your potential customer, notably with body posture, looping and objection, preparation and writing, and more crucially toning. These are effective techniques to enhance your sales.

See the course materials as listed below for further details on what this Sales Psychology will teach you:

  • You will enjoy offering your prospective customers how to securely complete sales
  • How to create nicely ordered facts and plans for the consumer
  • You will learn the idea of the sales process and the sales master
  • Master your approach of sales

You need a notebook if you don’t want to miss any training in sales psychology. The course is taught in English, so be sure that you have sufficient English skills to grasp what it teaches in full. Sales Psychology is aimed for those working in business, sales and marketing, psychology or sales expertise.


  • Jordan Belfort – Script Builder


One cornerstone of the Straight Line Persuasion System is the ability to design, prepare, and deliver effective scripts. In Script Builder, you will learn why scripts are vital and why the five criteria for great scripts are important. Of course, you have a sample script to observe the entire procedure. This course teaches you how to design and format the perfect pitch for sales. One of the rules of the Straight Line System of Jordan Belfort is that ‘every sale is the same.’ To master the truth means to learn how to choose the correct words, in the perfect order and start with the script.

Modules of the course Script Builder are described as below:

  • Module 1: Getting Started
  • Module 2: The Basic Structure of a Script
  • Module 3: Adapting Your Script
  • Module 4: Done for you Scripts
  • Module 5: Video Training overview
  • Module 6: The Introduction
  • Module 7: The Presentation
  • Module 8: The Close & Rebuttals
  • Module 9: Editing a Script on the Fly


  • Jordan Belfort – Straight Line Marketing


If you want to become a more efficient entrepreneur, complete this program that will teach you the most effective marketing method in the world. When you finish the training, you are a more efficient contractor than you ever dreamed of. The material you learn will put you in the top 1% of all online gamers. You will be a true online marketing expert by the end of the training.

Straight Line Marketing consists of 10 modules which are listed as follows:

  • Module 1: SLP Fundamentals
  • Module 2: Online Fundamentals
  • Module 3: Straight Line Copywriting
  • Module 4: Straight Line Customer Funnel
  • Module 5: Traffic Secrets
  • Module 6: Straight Line Email Marketing
  • Module 7: Straight Line Looping Online
  • Module 8: Straight Line Competitive Intelligence
  • Module 9: Straight Line Marketing – Beyond the Internet
  • Module 10: Revision and Wrap Up

Figure out Jordan Belfort: The author of 4 Courses Bundle above

Jordan Belfort is the true wolf of World Sales Trainer Wall Street and an Enterprise Expert. In the 1990s, Jordan Belfort developed one of Wall Street’s most active and successful sales companies. His proprietary sales and motivational speeches to this day remain the legendary thing, earning him a reputation as an unparalleled motivator. His testimonials prove that nearly any individual, irrespective of age, ethnicity, sex, education or social class, may achieve goals which they have never thought of themselves. The two best-selling books of Jordan Belfort have been published in 22 countries and translated into 18 different languages. He is a frequent CNN, CNBC, Headlines News and BBC guest analyst. His life story has been adapted by Warner Brothers into a huge movie with Leonardo DiCaprio portraying the character of Belfort and Martin Scorsese.

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