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John Crane – Advanced Swing Trading

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The book Advanced Swing Trading was authored by John Crane, including 240 pages and published in English by Wiley on September 15, 2003. 

An introduction to John Crane’s book Advanced Swing Trading

The book Advanced Swing Trading by John Crane teaches you how to use real-world trading tactics to make money in today’s unpredictable market. Crane’s publication contributes to the relatively small body of literature that exists on a worthwhile subject.

Advanced Swing Trading exposes tactics for the reaping of whirlwind riches on today’s unpredictable markets, which include George Soros, Warren Buffett and other leading traders. George Soros, Warren Buffett, and other leading traders discuss their strategy to reap hurricane rewards in today’s unpredictable markets. Traders are seeking new ways of benefiting from the enormous volatility of the stock markets since the end of day trading on 11 September 2001. Swing trading has demonstrated that these tactics are the most profitable. Swing trading is a strong technical method that enables traders to take advantage of market changes that only last a few days up to a few months.

John Crane is the developer of the Traders Network, a company that offers both brokerage and education for refined investors. The Futures Options journal published his monthly editorials and published articles on his trading activities in Barron’s, Consensus and The Wall Street Journal. He is a member of the Society of American Technical Analysts. Swing trading is becoming one of the most popular and effective approaches for active traders, and John Crane gives the vital issue a fresh new viewpoint and a true trading edge.

In Advanced Swing Trading, John Crane describes his work with the Action-Reaction Trading Theory and shows a totally new technique of predicting, identifying and trading changes in future markets utilizing time, prices and patterns. Advanced Swing Trading is a requirement for everyone interested in learning how to sell the stock market. The fundamentals that underlie this tried-and-true system, chapter by chapter, will be introduced and you will discover topics like:

  • The behavior of the market
  • Reactions are erratic.
  • Swing trade response swings are a type of swing trading.
  • This is referred to as the Reaction cycle.
  • Lines of action and retaliation
  • Trades are entered and exited on a regular basis.
  • Dates for reversal
  • Trends over the long period against trends over the short term
  • As well as a great deal more

Advanced Swing Trading is a complete look at the art of swing trading, filled with practical guidance from a seasoned veteran, real-world examples, and insightful charts and graphs. With this helpful book, you will learn how to apply the swing trading methodology to any portfolio and enhance your bottom line. It provides simple, step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow.

Meet your author John Crane

John Crane

For over three decades John Crane has been an active trader and founder and CEO of Traders Network, which provides brokerage and education services for today’s sophisticated investor. The magazines Consensus and Barron’s and the Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily and Traders World have featured some of his trade concepts. He also contributes often to the Traders World website. John Crane has given different technical analysis courses and, among other positions, has worked for the Pacific Research Centre as Director of Research and Contributing Analyst. John has also been a former President of the National Introducing Brokers Association and a former directory of leading individuals in the Cambridge Registry and Who’s Who’s in American Business. Moreover, John Crane has created Trade Simulator Pro and has written A Traders Manual: the Phenomenon of Reversal Day, both available on Amazon.

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