Joe Ross – Trading the Ross Hook (


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Joe Ross – Trading the Ross Hook (

Joe Ross - Trading the Ross Hook (


The concepts shown in The Ross Hook are applicable in any market, and can be daytraded or position traded.

You will find out exactly what Ross Hooks are. You will see their origins and what causes them to occur. You will be shown step-by-step how to identify them, and how to filter them so that you trade only the best hooks. You will be shown how to manage Ross Hook trades, how to manage risk, and how to manage your money when you trade these very lucrative market formations.

You will be shown, chapter after chapter, and example after example, how Joe’s students are successfully trading Ross Hooks using simple studies that can be found in most trading software packages. Then you will be shown how he personally trades Hooks, without indicators or studies of any kind. This hardbound manual contains 24 chapters and is profusely illustrated with over 200 graphic examples.

About the Author

Joe Ross, trader, author, and educator, has been an active trader since 1957, when he began his trading career in the commodity futures market. In 1982, when it became possible to daytrade the S&P 500 stock index futures via live data feed, he successfully made the transition from full-time position trader to full-time daytrader. Since 1988, Joe has written seven major texts on futures trading. All have become classics.

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