JaySignal_SymRenko 9 (+ open code) (Jan 2015)


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JaySignal_SymRenko 9 (+ open code) (Jan 2015)


Watch how Jay identifies explosive trades minutes after news releases and off of his major institutional support/resistance levels in his live room. These setups have a high reward to risk and you will know the exact bar to enter, exit and trail with his symmetry indicators. Jay believes less is more and will show you it only takes a few setups to be successful in the Crude Oil,  Gold, SP500, Nasdaq Euro  and all Currency Futures markets, as well as the Forex Currency Pairs markets. Watch how Jay traded last weeks Non Farm Payroll, Jobless claims and Crude oil report minutes after the releases for explosive moves with tight stops. With over 500 news releases a month, Jay will show you which ones you will want to target on a monthly basis. If trading the news is not for you then watch how Jay and his members buy strength and sell weakness off his institutional numbers on a daily basis. Jay shows you how Fibonacci Retracements /Snapbacks, as well as Fibonacci Extensions are the key to trading the Futures and Forex markets. As a bonus, Jay will demonstrate his pull in bar technique that he teaches his members to use on every trade before entry. This alone is a very powerful technique. Join Jay and his 20 years of experience and see how his recent member produced 376 ticks in his first week using Jay’s institutional trading techniques and his symmetry indicators.

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