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If you’re someone who’s financially stuck — but stagnating, contemplating, and rarely initiating key business growth activities, then…

What Would You Pay For The $21.7 Billion Man To Show You His…

#1 Business Building Strategy…

That Reveals How YOU Can Persuade Business Owners
To Give You A Handsome, Recurring Profit From Their Companies…
— Without Using Your Own Capital, Time, Or Resources —
… Simply By “Borrowing” Other People’s
Assets Instead Of Your Own?

This Works In Virtually Any Industry, With Almost Any Product, In Nearly Any Economy —
Whether You Already Own A Business Or Are Just Getting Started!

Today, you can discover over 100+ sales-generating, wealth-creating, profit-producing tactics (taught by the highest-paid marketing consultant on the planet)…

… resulting in multiple sources of passive and active income for yourself — in your current business or a brand-new venture — by ethically “borrowing” other people’s already-existing assets and using them for yourself.

Plus, you will see:

  • How to grow, scale, and maximize your profits using effective strategies (and if you’re savvy enough… no extra capital required).
  • The #1 most easily-executable — and painfully overlooked — method to generate cash windfalls in nearly any business.
  • A new and enticing path to becoming a highly-revered entrepreneur… consultant… even power player in nearly any network you wish to join.
  • How to finally out-think, out-earn, and out-class your competition — in almost any industry imaginable.
  • The insights, secrets, and building blocks of my own multi-billion-dollar business success story — and how you can capitalize on them to create your OWN business success, too.


I’ve generated $21.7 billion in life-changing wealth for myself, my clients, and tens of thousands of people around the world.

The secret (if you can call it that) to my success is simple:

Discover “hidden profits” that your competitors stubbornly overlook and learn to leverage other people’s business assets instead of your own.

Today, I want to show you exactly how to employ these strategies too — it’s not hard, it doesn’t require “genius-level” marketing, yet it has the potential to create monumental results…

You might find this hard to believe… but it’s entirely possible to create MULTIPLE sources of high-yield profit centers that earn you a recurring income…

… without using much of your own capital, time, or personal resources to make it happen.

You Do NOT Need To Spend Your Own Money To
Enjoy Business Success Or Create A Sensational Name For Yourself

Because here’s the truth:

You can ethically persuade business owners — in virtually any industry, selling any product, in nearly any economy — to hand you a hefty percentage of THEIR profits… just by implementing a few of my simple (yet powerful) strategies.

This concept is utterly incomprehensible to most, but if you suspend your disbelief for just a few minutes, I’ll show you just what’s possible when executed correctly…

  • I advised a chain of convenience grocery stores and gas stations to try a “fun little experiment” for 30 days — this added $900,000 of pure profit to their business over the next 12 months…
  • ​A landscaping firm I consulted tried one of my more unconventional and overlooked strategies — their sales spiked by 40% with no extra work on their end…
  • ​I taught a child’s singing teacher how to triple her income, month-by-month, consistently and predictably…
  • ​The owner of an electronics firm in Arizona put one of my tactics to work for their business — it added as much as $60,000 in new revenue to their enterprise.
  • ​​And a car dealer I worked with doubled his business by adding ONE extra sentence to their sales pitch (yes, one sentence added to their pitch 2x’ed their business. That’s the power of this strategy)…




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