Jason Swenk – All My Agency Documents We Used


Jason Swenk – All My Agency Documents We Used

Do You Want to Save Time & Get Access to All the Agency Documents That We Used, Including the Proposal Template?

Here’s your chance. Get All My Agency Documents that I Used.

I have listed all the documents that took me over 12 years to put together while running my digital agency.


  • Proposal Template
  • Proposal Agreement
  • Capabilities Presentation


  • How to bonus on profitability of the project
  • Scorecard for executive bonus plans
  • Key Employee Agreement
  • Project manager job posting
  • Business development executive (sales) job posting

Financial Documents

  • Goal setting document
  • Cash flow spreadsheet (Performa)

Legal Agreements

  • Operating Agreement
  • Contractor Agreement + NDA
  • Referral Agreement
  • Employee Seperation Agreement
  • Release of Claims Agreement
  • Terminating a Client Letter
  • NDA between you and company
  • NDA between company and possible company wanting to buy you

Project Document

  • Creative Brief Document
  • Project Plan Document
  • Client Edits and Changes Document

Approval Documents Clients would Sign off on

  • Final Client Changes Checklist
  • Change Order Form
  • Project Approval & Launch
  • Concept Approval Document

Checklist Documents

  • Design Team Checklist
  • New Project Setup Checklist
  • File Folder Checklist

Workflow Process

  • Creative Process Workflow
  • Development Process Workflow
  • On boarding New Client Workflow

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