Jake Bernstein – Trade Your Way to Riches Now (Seminar)


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Jake Bernstein – Trade Your Way to Riches Now (Seminar)

Trade Your Way to Riches: Your Super Highway to Financial Freedom: Includes Four VHS Video Tapes and Booklet in Case Hardcover – January 1, 1995

I  TRADE YOUR WAY TO RICHES    4 VHS Plus the video catalog with the insert flyers and papers

Jake Bernstein, a professional trader for over 40 years, released this video/book in 1996 detailing the fundamentals of the futures markets, seasonal cycles, spreads, and documentation.  The techniques are useful and timeless.   I really don’t think my father even tried them they just sat on a shelf…

I really don’t know how much these things cost so if you have an offer email me with offer…thanks



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