J.L.Lord – Stocks, Options & Collars


J.L.Lord - Stocks, Options & Collars

This easy to understand manual is perfect for everyone, from those who are just starting out in options to the most sophisticated traders. Some of the items in this text were used in seminars where participants literally paid $5, 000 to learn less than what is covered in this manual. You can also learn to properly hedge your entire portfolio of stocks and mutual funds with index options.

This is the only book you will ever need to effectively manage a stock position with options. When the typical return for a stock is just over 10% annually, you owe it to yourself and your family to lean methods by which you could attain a greater than 10% monthly return on your stocks, using many of the same stocks you currently own. This is not the popular, yet risky, covered call strategy, but a step-by-step technique in which the criteria will guide you to find the perfect hedge and collar.

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