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Financial Modeling by Investopedia Academy sheds light on how to build a financial model to keep track of performances of your department or whole business.

Financial Modeling by Investopedia Academy

The main focus of Financial Modeling by Investopedia Academy is how to utilise a financial model for the management of your business. The course is delivered by Andrew Russakoff, a financial expert who has worked for Fortune 500’s and multiple start-ups. Therefore, the practical techniques and strategies are extracted from the experience of top professionals, which can help you generate productive management ideas for your business growth.

Financial Modeling by Investopedia Academy is great for…

Entrepreneurs, business majors, and so on would love to take Financial Modeling by Investopedia Academy. The knowledge shared in this course can help them get ahead in finance. There are many case studies and examples shown for practical insights. Moreover, the shortcuts are also provided as the extraction from realistic experiences. 

What can you expect when taking Financial Modeling by Investopedia Academy?

The course is designed with project-based learning activities. The course has shown the best practices through the illustrations of real-world case studies. The topics covered include:

  • How to develop a financial model. 
  • The application of financial models to the evaluation of performances of a project, department, or entire business. 
  • How to decode financial data and information to get started in MBA and get ahead in the field of finance. 
  • How to make financial forecasts and implement professional forma valuation of a company. 

The curriculum of Financial Modeling by Investopedia Academy includes:


  • Valuation: Debt
  • Valuation: Enterprise Value
  • Valuation: Free Cash Flow
  • Valuation: Present Value & Discounting
  • Valuation: Terminal Value
  • Valuation: Cost of Capital

Part 1: A Simple Financial Model

  • The Setup – Video
  • Financial Modeling Blank Workbook
  • Part 1: A Simple Financial Model Instructions
  • A Simple Financial Model: Exam
  • Walkthrough – Video
  • Excel Bonus – Video
  • Case Study 1 Workbook – Completed

Part 2: Break-Even And Sensitivity Analysis

  • Introduction – Video
  • Part 2: Break-Even And Sensitivity Analysis Instructions
  • Break-Even And Sensitivity Analysis Exam
  • Break-Even And Sensitivity Analysis Walkthrough – Video
  • Case Study 2 Workbook – Completed

Part 3: True To Life

  • Introduction – Video
  • Part 3: True To Life Instructions
  • True To Life Exam
  • Excel – The Setup – Video
  • Excel – The Explanation – Video
  • Case Study 3 Workbook – Completed

Part 4: Scenario Analysis

  • Introduction – Video
  • Part 4: Scenario Analysis Instructions
  • Part 4 Exam
  • The Setup – Video
  • The Explanation – Video
  • Case Study 4 Workbook – Completed
Scenario Analysis inancial Modeling
Scenario Analysis – Financial Modeling

Part 5: Capex And Depreciation

  • Introduction – Video
  • Part 5: Capex and Depreciation Instructions
  • Part 5 Exam
  • The Setup – Video
  • The Explanation – Video
  • Bonus – Video
  • Case Study 5 Workbook – Completed

Part 6: Depreciation Schedules

  • Introduction – Video
  • Part 6: Deprecation Schedules Instructions
  • Part 6 Exam
  • The Setup – Video
  • The Explanation – Video
  • Case Study 6 Workbook – Completed

Part 7: Working Capital

  • Introduction – Video
  • Part 7: Working Capital Instructions
  • Part 7 Exam
  • The Setup – Video
  • The Explanation – Video
  • Case Study 7 Workbook Completed

Part 8: Shortening the Cash Cycle

  • Introduction – Video
  • Part 8 Shortening the Cash Cycle Instructions
  • Part 8 Exam
  • The Setup – Video
  • The Explanation – Video
  • Case Study 8 Workbook – Completed

About Investopedia Academy

Investopedia Academy is the leader of trading and investing education. Instead of talking heads, the instruction team of Investopedia Academy includes all the professionals in the field of financial markets. The courses of Investopedia Academy cover a wide range of trading aspects, such as technical analysis, strategy development, risk management, market projection, and so on. There are also many case studies and examples provided in the course, for you to gain practical insights into the frameworks. 

Your Instructor, Andrew Russakoff

Andrew Russakoff has had more than two years working in finance and computer science. He has developed many financial models that can be applied for multiple markets and companies, such as start-ups which look for funding, energy companies with million-dollar projects. Andrew Russakoff is the Senior Director, Financial Planning & Analysis at IAC. Moreover, he is also an instructor of Investopedia Academy where he can train entrepreneurs and Fortune 500s to utilize financial modeling for the projection of market trends and catching up the opportunities in such a highly volatile market. 

Financial Modeling
Andrew Russakoff – Investopedia Academy

For further information about Financial Modeling by Investopedia Academy, in terms of price, samples, etc. or other courses/books sharing the same topic, you can reach out to our support team via Email, Skype or live chat on our website.

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