Introduction to VIX Futures & Options


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Have you looked at the VIX, VIX Futures, and VIX options and the VIX etp’s and said “why is everyone trading these and what do I need to do to understand them?”  The answer is probably yes… and this course has all of those answers.  Traders will understand what makes up all of the pieces of the VIX and the VIX ETP’s.  Learn what VIX is all about from the VIX masters.  When this course is over traders will know:

  • How VIX is calculated
  • The structure of VIX futures
  • Why the VIX  options trade the way they do
  • How VIX futures trade intra and inter month
  • Smart ways to money trading VXX, UVXY, SVXY and XIV
  • Tips our traders use all the time to trade VIX

In this beginner course traders will capture actionable ides to apply to their trading right away

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