IntelaTrader , $4995


IntelaTrader , $4995

IntelaTrader , $4995


I started testing IntelaTrader 12 months ago and have run it on over 50 different accounts at   doz brokers in an effort to find safe settings to run it. I have blown out most of those accounts in severe stress tests… everything from 5 pip to 50 pip grid settings.


IntelaTrader is a simple but ingenious CounterTrend trading EA for the MetaTrader platform. It has settings for Opening trades at predined grids based on the 20 period ADR – Average Daily Range. For instance if the GridOpen is 25 then a new trade will open as price moves each 25 pips against the trend. Cash Guardian is not an EA but a script that is attached to a separate chart. It keeps track of the open and closed trades in the current basket and closes all open trades when the total of all positions hit your predifined profit level.


The only drawback with IntelaTrader that I have found is that it does not place a stop on trades, so if you get over leveraged either through greed or market conditions, you risk margining out the account.


All that being said I’ve discovered a set-up that is safe and delivers an average net profit of 1.5% daily… an average of 150 pips a day, day in/day out… and has been doing it uninterupted for 8 months (3 months on one account and 5 months on the current account). Averages 20 trades a day for 5 months… 2,334 trades with 1,446 winners (62%). The account is up 201% in 5 months.

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