Insanity: The Asylum Volume 1: Sports Performance Workout – Beachbody

Insanity: The Asylum Volume 1: Sports Performance Workout program of Beachbody is an intensive workout program which helps you achieve your fitness goals. 

Train to be the best version of yourself with Insanity: The Asylum Volume 1: Sports Performance Workout from Beachbody

Sports are usually a fantastic method to enhance your health and fitness. Sometimes you don’t feel the drive to spit on a workout or in the gym, but an offer to play sports would make you move. While playing sports is not an alternative to your workout, you may enjoy several advantages that help you keep healthy and well-being.

With Shaun T and Insanity: The Asylum Volume 1: Sports Performance Workout, you’ll burn up to a thousand calories per exercise to attain outrageous weight reduction objectives. This will make you live the finest way of life. It’s an opportunity to look and feel like an elite athlete in only 30 days by raising your speed, coordination, agility and strength. Throughout the course, Shaun T, the former road and field great, will push you deeper than ever with sport-specific training and exercise inspired by elite athletes. You can maneuver as a football back, serve as a tennis pro and score points as an all-star guard. In addition, work with the accompanying Agility Ladder and Speed Rope, so that you may play any sport or activity at a loud pace or skill level quicker, stronger and more nimble. On the day of the game, you will have an unsurpassable sports advantage.

Insanity: The Asylum Volume 1: Sports Performance Workout program of Beachbody contains 6 Athletic Training DVDs, 2 extra exercises, Speed Rope, Agility Ladder, Nutritional Plan, Calendar and playbook, and free resources to enable fitness professional and peer support around the clock. Here is the training curriculum with Shaun T coach:

  • Speed & Agility (45 minutes): Improve your speed and agility with this high-intensity aerobic training.
  • Vertical Plyo (40 minutes): This lower-body workout regimen will help you jump higher than before.
  • Relief (25 minutes): Stretch out for 25 minutes to create long, lean muscle and enhance your flexibility.
  • Strength (50 minutes): Cross-train using weights and resistance to increase your strength and power.
  • Day of the Game (60 minutes): This cross-training routine will put your newly acquired athletic abilities to the test.
  • Return to the Core (45 minutes): Develop a rock-solid core, glutes, and hamstrings to provide the explosive power required to compete at an elite level.
  • Bonus: Sports Performance Assessment (25 minutes): Using this performance measuring tool, determine your fitness and skill level improvements.
  • Bonus: Overtime (15 minutes): Include this monster in any Asylum exercise to test your stamina.

Achieve your goals and fulfill your life with Beachbody

INSANITY: The ASYLUM Volume 1 - Sports Performance 30-day DVD Workout by Beachbody : Sports & Outdoors

Beachbody offers a complete approach to home health as part of The Beachbody Company. It combines world-class training, nutrition and support, a proven combination that helps millions of individuals to physically, psychologically and financially radically improve their lives. Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon started the firm in 1998 with the aim of helping individuals reach their objectives and have healthy and meaningful lives. Beachbody is a world leader in health and fitness with its headquarters in Santa Monica, CA. Furthermore, Beachbody provides scientifically proven dietary products produced by renowned scientists and nutritional experts. Their tasty superfood smoothie Shakeology is designed with protein, antioxidants, probiotics, digestive enzymes, vitamins and more. It’s a solid dietary foundation that allows your body to feel and function more effectively.

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