Imran Sait – Simple Scalping 5 min. System

Imran Sait – Simple Scalping 5 min. System

Imran Sait - Simple Scalping 5 min. System


Money Management & Trading habits:

Maximum 5% risk per pair.


Your risk to profit ratio has to be minimum 1:2. That means if you are taking a 5% risk on a trade make sure your profit target would be at least 10%.Always have realistic targets.


More trades you take the more you expose your account for losses. No trader in this world can profit from every single market move.


Patience plays a big part in trading. Take the trades only if you are at least 90% sure of profiting from it. If you are not sure stay away from the trade. Staying on the sideline is as good as winning.



Always have a trading strategy … make a habit to stick to it doesn’t matter how desperate you are. Always trust your strategy but not bloomberg or some statement from citibank.



Your charts are your forex bible. Everything what you need to know about forex is on your charts. You will learn something new everyday from you charts.

Specialize in one or two pairs. Every single pair has it’s own characteristics. No two pairs are the same. Don’t trade all the pairs your broker can offer. If you specialize in one or two pairs very soon you will be able to read the pair like a road map .


Stay away from the ranging markets.


Don’t try to chase every single pip or market movement.


the more you trade there is more risk of losing your money.


remember there is no easy way to become a good consistently profitable trader. No one can become a profitable trader overnight. As everything else in life it takes time, patience lots of sacrifices and learning. Don’t be afraid of mistakes.



Contribution by Bfriend – Member of this thread and Contributor

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I was answering some questions for someone via PM and I thought it might be good to post it in this thread. Basically, it’s my rules for this strategy. For some of you (especially the regulars) this info is basically common sense to you. It goes without saying, you take it for granted…it’s second nature. However, for most traders, it’s something no one has really told them. It’s easy to come to this thread, skim it, and just think, “Hey, if the lags line up, I should trade. I’ll make money every time just like Imrain.”


The fact is, the lags are great, but they can’t be used ALL the time. It’s not that they’re bad indicators (they’re the BEST I’ve ever used), but no matter what kind of indicator you have, you just can’t trade during certain conditions.


Anyway, here are my “rules” or the “conditions” that I’m speaking of:


1) Don’t trade when the 60ema and 200ema are really narrow. Wait for it to break out first.


2) Don’t trade when the market is slow (like right now). Right now the only market that is open is Sydney, and it doesn’t really affect this currency. Ideally you want 2 markets to be open. The best time is when UK and Japan are open at the same time, or UK and US are open at the same time. You can trade at other times, but just make sure there is decent volatility / momentum.


3) Don’t trade 30 mins before or after news.


4) If there’s BIG news coming, it might not be good to trade for hours before because the market just stalls and goes nowhere (same problem as #2). This is because it’s waiting for the news announcement. In this case, don’t trade until after the news. Watch ForexFactory Home page for News in Red – High Votality.


5) Don’t trade if you’re up against a barrier. This includes the daily R1 R2 R3, daily S1 S2 S3, daily pivot, and weekly pivot. It’s also good to look at the 15min 60ema and 200ema to see if you’re close to them as well. I also recommend treating the “00’s” (239.00, 238.00, etc.) as barriers. I call them psychological barriers, and it’s really just common sense. Just think about when you have a $100 bill. You’re less likely to spend it. Once you finally decide to break the $100 bill, you’ll usually spend your smaller bills much more quickly. This is just human nature, and well, the forex market is driven by human beings.


Instead of just thinking of the barriers as times not to trade, use them to your advantage. Wait for a currency to either break through the barrier or bounce off it. If it does this, you should still wait for the lags to give you a signal.


So really, this doesn’t leave much to trade. Some days are better than others, but today for example, there hasn’t been a single good / safe time to trade since I woke up. Today was particularly bad in that regard. Like an idiot, I broke my rules and tried to trade anyway…and I lost.


If you just follow those basic rules and only trade when all of the rules are met, the lags work every single time. I’ve never had a losing trade when I followed my rules. If I had better discipline I could be doing 90%+ successful trades. Today, my discipline was very lacking and it cost me. Rules keep you from making bad decisions, but emotions keep you from following your rules. Trading with emotion is never good, but in reality, 99% of us will never be able to trade without emotion. As long as you can keep your emotions in check enough to follow your rules, you can be a successful trader.

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