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Illuminative Trader by Guy Cohen leads to the innovative ways of trading for higher profitability without taking risks

The Illuminative Trader course by Guy Cohen walks you through how to gain profits with the aid of the Inner Circle Tools. There are ten video courses packed in the Illuminative Trader course, which can help you dissect the aspects of the useful tool sets for your profitable trading. The detailed guidelines are provided alongside the illustrations of many charts and case studies. Guy Cohen shares his experiences with the best practices and common mistakes in the process of applying the techniques for the development of techniques and strategies. Besides the technical sides of trading, the Illuminative Trader course by Guy Cohen also shares about the psychology that helps you get through the choppy conditions of trading. 

Overview of what you learn in the Illuminative Trader course by Guy Cohen:

  • Video 1 – 2: the key filters, indicators and chart patterns that you need to recognize the directional market trends are shared in the first videos for effective technical analysis. 
  • Video 3 – 4: the walk – through of options trading markets and the different traits of the instrument for an intimate understanding of how it works and how you can profit from. 
  • Video 5 – 8: there are over 50 trading examples that are animated for you to see the movements of the market trends, like in the real – time market. The instruction on how to utilise the Inner Circle tools that help you filter the bad trades, and point out the trading opportunities for top – out earnings. 
  • Video 9 – 10: the best practices of how to strengthen your mind which can help you gain a long – term trading career regardless of how volatile the trading market is. 

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About Guy Cohen 

Guy Cohen (@GuyKCohen) | Twitter

Guy Cohen has been known for his innovative ideas and methods of trading. He is the man behind the unique OVI Indicator, FlagTrader, and OptionEasy and many other powerful trading tools. With the aid of professional trading experiences, Guy Cohen has gained the big picture of the trading market, which allows him to come up with many frameworks that help him gain consistent profitability. Besides, he also is a well – known author, commentator and sought-after speaker about the financial market. There are many books written by Guy Cohen, one of which you should definitely check out is the Insider Edge for the guideline of how to utilise his OVI indicator for the phenomenal transformation of your trading profits. Other books by Guy Cohen include Options made Easy, the bible of Options Strategies, Your Gut Feeling, Volatile Markets made Easy, and so on

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