Ichimokutrade – Ichimoku 101


Ichimokutrade – Ichimoku 101

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The Ichimoku University Program is designed to educate any type of trader how to maximize the Ichimoku Cloud indicator across any asset class and any time frame. This course is perfect for dedicated traders including: day traders, swing traders and long term traders alike. The program consists of over 3 months of training and mentoring before completion.
There are 4 Main components which include:
Four Weeks of Pre-workshop webinars:

To start the mentoring program you will have the opportunity to participate in up to 3 webinars designed to expand your understanding of Ichimoku and provide you with a foundation for trading that to build upon. We will start with the Ichimoku indicators and the basic strategies including price action and order entry. The webinars are designed to prepare you for the live boot camp.

Live Two Day Boot Camp:

The bootcamp is an intense in person two day workshop facilitated by Ichimokutrade.com’s CEO Manesh Patel. Manesh will cover all aspects of the Ichimoku Strategies and Optimization focusing on single timeframe and multiple timeframe trading. Other areas of focus include:

  • Risk management and trading with a 3 to 1 Risk/Reward Ratios
  • Trader Psychology and identifying psychological weaknesses in your trading
  • Top Down Analysis, Counter Trends and Introduction to Ichimoku Research

You will leave this 2 day workshop with a full understanding of trading with the Ichimoku cloud. This is really just the beginning. You think you have it down? In this 2 day workshop you will experience quizzes, live trading when possible and Manesh will try to purposely throw you for a loop – the same as the markets do for many traders.

2 Months of Post Class Mentoring:

Following the live 2 day class you will participate in 8 weeks of mentoring via webinar. Once a week you will meet with your dedicated mentor and you will discuss a strategy to trade. The mentor will review your trade log and review both winning and losing trades from your simulated trading. By reviewing your trading log this will reinforce proof of concept learned in the boot camp and see which strategies fit your personality best.

Trading Room:

Following completion of the program, you will be invited to join the global Ichimoku trading room where all graduating students worldwide frequently trade. This allows you a forum to post your own trades and receive a vast array of commentary from other students as well as comment on their trades. By posting your trades in the trading room you will gain the support of like-minded traders which helps build confidence in your trades and trade set-ups.

Ichimoku 101

This course includes the Ichimoku E-Book written by Manesh Patel and also includes a 2 hour recorded video course. This course will cover how to use, understand and trade with the Ichimoku cloud indicator. You will learn how to determine market sentiment which should enable you to make more accurate trading decisions. The course covers the background on how the Ichimoku Cloud Indicators work across all markets and time frames including, Equities, Futures and Forex.

Some of the main topics covered in this course are:

  • Ichimoku Cloud Components
  • Ichimoku Cloud Internet Myths
  • Trend Trading
  • Ichimoku Cloud Strategies








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