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The course “I Need Clients Now!” Bundle by Jon Buchan is jam-packed with ready-to-use templates & instructions on getting new clients in a matter of minutes.

“I Need Clients Now!” Bundle by Jon Buchan: A collection of templates, training, and an ebook on getting new clients

Many professions have a hard time finding new customers. Some niches are easy to fill, but others need more work than just identifying someone who needs a particular product or service. New customers are often gained via a series of steps, starting with marketing to the suitable audience and ending with completing the purchase. Professionals may find this difficult, particularly if their efforts don’t provide the anticipated outcomes. This “I Need Clients Now!” Bundle by John Buchan is a collection of templates, training, and an e-book that educates you on how to get new customers in a short period of time. Included in this package are:

  • B2B Charming Copy Template Pack
  • Conversations Into Cash 
  • B2B Sales Mini Guide 


A brief description of what you will learn from the “I Need Clients Now!” Bundle by Jon Bucha

The B2B Charming Copy Template Pack

Use this form to ask for references from existing customers, suppliers and other business connections. The ask for testimonials template may be used to convince potential customers that you/your agency is trustworthy and deserving of their business by requesting testimonials from current clients. You also get entertaining order confirmation emails and comical emails to send to consumers who abandon their orders. It also includes handwritten letter direct mail templates that may be used to send attractive handwritten letters from the B2B Charming Copy Template Pack. Also included in this package is a Joint Venture Outreach template as well as many other useful tools for contacting possible joint venture partners.


Conversations into Cash

This series of instructional videos will teach you how to reply to good comments from potential customers and set up a sales meeting. Additionally, you’ll learn how to react to favorable answers like “tell me more” from potential customers. Also included are tips on how to make a good impression on potential customers during sales calls and meetings, what questions to prepare and ask in advance, and how to begin the call or meeting. Conversations into Cash also provides you with six questions to ask customers in order to encourage them to open up and speak about their short and long-term goals, as well as their issues. You’ll learn how to politely inquire if you can put up a plan for them that will assist them in resolving their issues and achieving their objectives. In addition, there are several more modules included in this set of Jon Buchan’s “I Need Clients Now!” Bundle training materials.

In addition, you will get comprehensive training lessons from the course B2B Sales Mini Guide included in this “I Need Clients Now!” Bundle by Jon Buchan


About your course creator Jon Buchan

I Need Clients Now Bundle Jon Buchan

Jon Buchan is the Director of Charm Offensive, a company that specializes in building effective B2B sales campaigns. He also ran a Facebook group devoted to his unconventional approach to business. Jon has assisted his clients in developing cold emails, direct emails, and ad text that jolts even the most inattentive, couch-bound prospects to action. As Jon says in the interview, many company owners struggle to complete sales and retain customers because they believe they must be formal. In reality, all it takes is a few well-placed make your grin moments to gain those precious additional seconds necessary to ensure your message stays.

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