Hyper EA V2

Hyper EA V2

Hyper EA V2


Hyper EA

Trading style: Asian session scalping on EURCAD with a SL of 50 pips and a dynamic TP.

Currency pairs: EURCAD

Timeframe: M15

Expert Advisor price: $99 lite, $139 standard, $239 premium (introducing broker deal available)

License: 1 live account lite, 2 live accounts standard, 5 live accounts premium

NFA compliance: yes



Note: a Dukascopy JForex version is included in the package.


Birt’s forward test

Settings: default; UseMM – enabled, MMType – 1, LotsFor1000 – 1.0, Lotsdigits – 2, UseTradePause – false, SettingsType – 1

Started: 13.12.2011


Broker: PrivateFx

Account type: live, micro

Starting balance: $300

Current version: 2.3.1

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