How to Trade Commodity Futures for a Living – Bruce Levy

The course How to Trade Commodity Futures for a Living by Bruce Levy teaches you powerful strategies to master the commodity market and trade with confidence.

Learn How to Trade Commodity Futures for a Living with Bruce Levy

A commodity is a tangible product that may be purchased or sold on the commodities market. Products can be classified into hard or soft types. Commodity trading includes the purchase and sale of a wide variety of tools, including oil and gas, metals such as gold and silver and compounds like cocoa, coffee, wheat, and sugar.

The course How to Trade Commodity Futures for a Living by Bruce Levy covers all elements of Commodity Futures Trading from expiry through very complex trading techniques in the field of volume profiles; something is available to traders of all skill levels. In this course, you study the most important strategies so that you may start trading for a living. You will receive a trading strategy that you will use to identify business arrangements based on trading volume profile principles. These configurations have been measured and provide favorable expectations in hypothetical backtesting circumstances.

Bruce Levy uses the NinjaTrader7 Platform, a free platform that offers free market data trials in his course How to Trade Commodity Futures for a Living. Therefore, NinjaTrader7 should be downloaded into your computer along with the DValueNT7 Indicator (Volume Profile Indicator). You will be taught where you may position your entry orders based on the volume profile to manage your losses. The course also teaches you the top-down analysis method using the top-down analytical technology which can predict the direction of the trend. You also acquire a methodical strategy to trade that stabilises your consistency. Bruce Levy also teaches you about risk management approaches, secrets of block trades and analysis of profiles, as well as how to apply a strategy that contains step-by-step instructions.

If you want to learn how to evaluate charts and learn a consistent process through a Volume Profile or if you want a holistic approach to business, this course is great for you. How to Trade Commodity Futures for a Living by Bruce Levy is divided into 7 sections with 28 lectures running in 5 hours and 11 minutes, covering the following knowledge:

  • Basics of Futures 
  • Contracts 
  • Technical Analysis 
  • Managing a Trading System 
  • Identifying Support and Resistance 
  • Using Volume Profile for Advanced Support & Resistance 
  • Indicators 
  • The Core Trading System 


Meet your host Bruce Levy

Bruce Levy - How To Trade Commodity Futures for a Living - Course Farm - Online Courses & eBooks

Bruce Levy is Chief Algorithm Trader and Chief Executive Officer of FuturesTradeRoom subscribes to the acknowledged classical technological analysis methods and has created his own charting analytical approaches. He excels in adapting straightforward trading methods to constantly changing market situations. The technique scrutinizes the process of finding commercial trends through acute market surveillance and is automated for additional research if patterns are recognized. Those which satisfy strict requirements are automated into an algorithm and quantified using a strong data set before being used in the trader.

Bruce Levy shares his vast work through the screenshare of FuturesTradeRoom, using his Automated Trading Day Programme. In addition, the system cannot include human interference and the trades on chart traders are performed for everyone to observe. He also produces a weekly update newsletter focusing on daily and weekly charts. He analyzes the volume profile, price action and classical technical analysis in a unique combination.

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