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The course How to Actually Do SEO: A Scientific, Data Driven Approach by Danray teaches you how to build a minimal business with minimal SEO methods that work.

Learn How to Actually Do SEO: A Scientific, Data Driven Approach with Danray

Brands need SEO first because in essential times it is the most feasible and cost-effective strategy to understand and reach customers.. The requirement for SEO this year has risen to an all-time high. Even the most traditional firm knew that consumers had to speed up the transition to digital, as they switched massively online. SEO is the most viable and economical technique of understanding and reaching clients at important times. Many brands and companies realize (or think they know) that they require SEOs for their digital features and are able to gain the benefits of SEO work on their behalf.

How to Actually Do SEO: A Scientific, Data Driven Approach by Danray has 13 pages of pure method. No case study or hype, no pictures, only methodology. It is more a philosophy, a way of thinking far too rare in the community and a scientific approach than a typical SEO guide. The majority of advice and guidance you receive in Facebook groups is very simple imagination. This product teaches you another way of thinking about SEO and obviously then gives you an actionable way.

In fact, based on the available data, you have to know what changes to make to your website to help rank it. During the course How to Actually Do SEO: A Scientific, Data Driven Approach, Danray will teach you how the data is collected and how it may be used after you have the data. He’ll show you how to know this, no longer guess, no longer listen to an alleged guy who said you have 2000 words to write, at best based on amateur correlation studies on an issue that has nothing to do with yours, at worst by totally guessing or recycling information heard elsewhere. This is exactly what he is doing now for his websites, all his websites and all his customer sites.

Who’s the course How can SEO: A Scientific, Data-driven Approach for?

Those of you who follow any guru that does not test and apply scientific methods to make sure they do the proper thing. You should know how to investigate keywords, competitive research. If you don’t want to read another case study, but a scientific method. If you are willing to transform the way you think about SEO right now, then this course is suitable for you.

Meet your SEO instructor Danray

How to Actually Do SEO A Scientific

Danray is a liaison builder and SEO consultant, yet his primary focus is on making connections for customers while educating others how to develop connections at a high level. Transparency is crucial to all Dan’s work, customers can observe the links created live in their shared Google Sheets, all Dan builds links are manual and tailored to every campaign without the need for pre-existing lists. Dan grew up in Manchester and went to university in Leeds, where he was dealing with a few impairments. Starting as a want tobe writer he wrote for blogs and websites, where someone asked him to write SEO content and paid twice. Of course, he accepted and started learning without knowing what it was. Like many businessmen, Danray considered how much the boss would do if he could pay this price for an article, and wrote for his own websites and learned to do SEO by 100% trial and error.

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How to Actually Do SEO