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Helping you appraise and evaluate options to make better informed decisions


Hiview3 is a PC-based decision modelling tool that supports the appraisal and evaluation of options. It is equally effective for group decision making, such as decision conferences and for individual decisions. With a host of user-defined features, Hiview3 can be configured to address a variety of problem areas, supporting your specific business objectives. Hiview3 enables users to make effective decisions in areas such as Capital Projects, Policy Setting, Strategy Selection, Relocation Issues, Problem Solving and Budget Resourcing.


Manage conflicting objectives

Include non-monetary and qualitative decision criteria

Build transparent models

Easy to use

Ideal for group workshop decision making

In depth analysis


Based on world-leading academic research


Our Passion


At Catalyze we all share the same passion. We thrive on helping our clients to be successful. Our ethos is simply “Go the extra mile to help our clients achieve great results”.


Our Vision


Every organisation is using best practice when making strategic decisions.


Our Mission


To help organisations create and execute decision-making processes which focus on the best possible outcome; engaging people, breaking down barriers, creating understanding of different perspectives and making best use of resources.


Why we are here


We all understand the importance and power of engaging people in decision-making. This is what excites us about what we do. Be it defining a corporation’s strategic plan or working with a diverse set of stakeholders to help inform a high impact decision, the decision-making process is key. And we know how to create and deliver that process.


We will know our job is done when best practice decision-making is wide-spread; driving business performance, ensuring stakeholder alignment, delivering decisions that stick, and much more.


What we value


First and foremost the outcome of the work we undertake, and the contribution this makes to our clients and society.


We act with integrity – we take pride in being honest, open, reliable and positive.


We believe that work should be fun and engaging, and that everyone should be able to play a part in shaping the organisation in which they work.

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