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The Hiring the Heavens Exclusive Package provided by Jean Slatter empowers you to improve your productivity by unleashing your extraordinary power inside. 

Awaken the power beyond your wildest dreams through Hiring the Heavens Exclusive Package from Jean Slatter

There are a number of reasons why you may want to take Hiring the Heavens Exclusive Package: if you’re working too hard and not getting the results you want, if you’re struggling to complete your tasks on time, or if you’re exhausted and near to breaking point, this course is for you. Your instructor Jean Slatter designed this course so that students like you may obtain direct access to a team of heavenly workers and build a connection with the Spirits of Creation to get assistance at every stage of the journey.

A simple metaphor found in Jean Slatter’s course Hiring the Heavens Exclusive Package might reawaken your connection to the divine, even if you’ve never believed before. You’ll also discover the one thing you need to do to establish a strong connection with your angels and guides. With such confidence, this course will take you through commanding serendipity and miraculous coincidences in your everyday life, resulting in an enhanced sense of thankfulness and delight. You’ll learn how to acquire the help and inspiration you need whenever you need it, even for the most difficult themes. When you’re done, you’ll know how to employ the notion of being a conscious co-creator in a way that anybody can do for the first time.


Here’s what awaits you in the course Hiring the Heavens Exclusive Package by Jean Slatter

  • Video Training on Hiring the Heavens & Your Angelic Team 
  • Video Training on Break Free of the Law of Attraction
  • Video Training on Hired BY the Heavens
  • Hiring the Heavens Companion Workbook 


What you should know about your mentor Jean Slatter

Jean Slatter

Many people are benefiting from Jean Slatter’s direct connection to the Higher Guidance that she provides as an accomplished author and inspiring speaker. When Jean wrote Hiring the Skies in 2005, she presented a new viewpoint on how to use the power of the heavens to achieve your personal and professional objectives. Hiring the Heavens is empowering individuals throughout the globe to collaborate with the heavenly workers in order to construct their own universe. Hiring the Heavens has been in the top 3% of books sold on Amazon.com since its debut in 2005. Higher Guidance Life Coach Certification Program and Creative Mystic program creator Jean Slatter offers holistic healing methodologies and spiritual concepts for self-development and helping others on their journeys to wholeness. When it comes to helping others reach their full potential and fulfill their aspirations and objectives, Jean Slatter, a Higher Guidance Life Coach, specializes in receiving intuitive information. Jean connects with her customers’ Higher Guidance via one-on-one counseling sessions. Many people’s journeys of self-discovery and spiritual awakening have been aided by Jean’s extraordinary gift of intuition.

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