Robert Jaeger – All About Hedge Funds The Easy Way to Get Started

 All About Hedge Funds The Easy Way to Get Started

Robert Jaeger - All About Hedge Funds The Easy Way to Get Started


Hedge funds have long been viewed as mysterious, high-risk investments, unsuitable for most investors. All About Hedge Funds debunks these myths and explains how any investor can take advantage of the high-potential returns of hedge funds while incorporating safeguards to limit their volatility and risk. This clear-headed, commonsense guide tells investors:

  • What hedge funds are–and what they are not
  • Four key hedge fund strategies
  • How to incorporate hedge funds into an existing portfolio
  • Types of risk involved in hedge fund investing

From the Back Cover

Everything You Need to Know About Hedge Funds–What They Are, How They Can Improve Your Portfolio

Hedge funds have long been viewed as shadowy, high-risk investments, suitable only for the super-wealthy. Today, increasing numbers of individuals and institutions have come to view hedge funds as a way to improve the overall performance of their portfolios, reduce the risk, or even do both.

All About Hedge Funds debunks the myths that surround this increasingly visible investment tool. This comprehensive-yet-easy-to-follow guidebook reviews the distinctive risks of hedge funds, then shows you how they fit into the universe of investment options and how they can be incorporated into a well-diversified portfolio. Regardless of your investment objectives and strategies, All About Hedge Funds is the essential book for determining if this potentially lucrative–and increasingly mainstream–vehicle is right for you.

Whether you are an experienced hedge fund investor or are just beginning to investigate hedge funds, All About Hedge Funds will give you detailed information on:

  • Opportunities and risks in the popular hedge fund strategies
  • Leverage, short selling, and hedging
  • How hedge funds fit into the global financial system
  • How hedge funds fit into a balanced stock/bond portfolio
  • Legal, regulatory, and tax issues
  • The EACM 100“ Index
  • And much more

About the Author

Robert Jaeger, Ph.D., is vice chairman and chief investment officer of leading hedge fund firm Evaluation Associates Capital Markets.

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