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Read the Greed Live Course by Mike Reed will teach you how to master the trading market in a matter of minutes and take your skills to the next level. 

Introduce the Read the Greed Live Course by Mike Reed

Read the Greed Live Course consists of 7 CDs of the main lesson and 1 bonus CD How to Find Fixed Support and Resistance which will teach you how to survive the trading game, how to outwit, out-trade, and outlast in the market. This course will show you exactly how, when, and where Mike Reed enters and exits trades using the set ups that he has developed over the previous 30 years. In addition, you will learn the methods to get out of risks and to secure your account and keep your profit consistent. 

A brief description of what you expect to learn in the Read the Greed Live Course

To begin, you’ll get Mike’s eBook Read the Greed, Take the Money, which details Mike’s individually devised trading setups that he employs on a daily basis. It is a guide that focuses on techniques to trade assistance and resistance, both static and dynamic locations where the market should respond and/or permit a low-risk commerce entrance. It has 80 pages of graphics and instructions on how to enter and/or depart a trade.

Then you’ll get Read the Greed – LIVE Vol. II, in which Mike leads you through each setup and walks you through the trades live. You’ll see and hear when, when, why, and how Mike enters the marketplace depending on the eBook setup. Moreover, he will discuss the objectives and commerce administration for the majority of them. Additionally, these are not hand-picked exchanges. As you will discover, some did not work out, and you will notice and hear how and why he left commerce.

As an added bonus of the course Read the Greed Live Course, you’ll get both a lesson and an audio/video on how to locate support and resistance zones for the next trading day. Mike guides you through what he looks for when determining a legal assist and resistance zone in the audio/video. Furthermore, he’ll walk you through his evening routine, which includes crucial areas for market responses the following day. This is one of the few things Mike has revealed to his Trading Camp participants.

Also included in this class is a DVD comprising two days of RBI Trading Camp is included with Mike Reed’s Read the Greed Live Course. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at the purchasing and selling camp experience.

Know more about your trainer Mike Reed

Read the Greed Live Course
Mike Reed – Read the Greed Live Course

Mike Reed is the author of the well-known book Read the Greed, Take the Money, TradeStalker’s RBI Trader’s Updates, as well as a nightly emini market report. He had enrolled in college on a baseball scholarship and was being recruited by Major League Baseball in 1979 when a diving mishap destroyed his career prospects. Mike Reed has since worked as a full-time professional trader, educator, and mentor. He has been a market trader for 27 years. Since 1996, his support and opposition figures have been available on the internet. Mike’s nightly support and resistance zones are quite precise.

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