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Obtain massive paid from people who are eager to hear your talking with the instruction from the course Booked & Paid To Speak by Grant Baldwin 

Become more successful in your business with Booked & Paid To Speak 

The direction Booked & Paid to Speak by Grant Baldwin is a complete on direction that educates you from A to Z about what is needed to recognise in order to carry out the most customers attractive talking session that make people keep on wanting for more. With the capabilities that you may reap from Booked & Paid to Speak people will quickly keen to listen to hearing you talk and share your experience. 


Here are SOME of what you’re receiving in Booked & Paid to Speak by Grant Baldwin


Module 1: Select a Problem to Solve

  • How to nail the stability between what you need to talk about and what customers are inclined to pay for
  • How to apply the “Speaking Industry Matrix” to decide which industries you’re pleasant located to pursue right now (and going forward)
  • The largest mistakes speakers make while deciding on their topic / trouble to solve

Module 2: Prepare Your Talk

  • How to promote from stage without stressful your client or audience
  • How to create a “menu” of shows in an effort to open up your center subject matter to a more number of audiences and events (with precise examples)
  • How to write down simple, one-paragraph descriptions of your shows in an effort to right away seize the eye of decision makers and event organizers

Module 3: Establish Yourself as the Expert

  • What potentialities DO and DON’T need to see in your demo video
  • How to shoot and edit a killer demo video even when you have no photos of yourself speaking, no fancy equipment, and no video skills

Module 4: Acquire Paid Speaking Gigs

  • How to show Google right into a lead generation system for perfect speaking gigs
  • How to generate high-satisfactory referrals from different speakers in your industry/niche 

Module 5: Know When to Scale

  • How to generate extra sales from speaking opportunities by promoting services, products, or promotional possibilities in your customers
  • Finance 101 for a 6-Figure Speaking Business: You’ll get an inner look at a way to control your cash flow, keep away from highly-priced tax mistakes, and properly shape your business

Who is Grant Baldwin

Grant Baldwin -library-of-trader

Grant Baldwin is a nationally recognised speaker, podcaster, and writer who has helped hundreds of people begin and construct their very own talking corporations through his Booked & Paid to Speak Training Course. Over the last thirteen years Grant Baldwin has spoken to over 500,000 humans in forty seven different states (he is by no means spoken in Maine, South Carolina, or Hawaii, so in case you know someone, let him know). Regularly featured withinside the national media, inclusive of Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, and the Huffington Post, his “Reality Check” curriculum is taught in over four hundred high schools nationwide. A podcaster since 2014, he has posted over three hundred podcast episodes which have been downloaded over 1.5 million times. Grant Baldwin loves motivating other leaders and entrepreneurs, however his preferred moments are the ones spent together along with his high school sweetheart, Sheila, and their 3 daughters. They stay in Nashville, Tennessee wherein Grant Baldwin enjoys bicycling, summer days on the pool, and living life like Chuck Norris. 

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