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Course Creation Project by Grace Lever is a thorough course that teaches you how to turn your expertise into a top-notch course that adds value to learners.

Course Creation Project by Grace Lever: A course teaches you create a course

Customers like the convenience of online courses since they offer a significant quantity of information in a compact period of time. Being useful to consumers also makes infopreneurs an excellent choice. There is no escaping the conclusion that running any sort of business involves work, but the amount of effort required depends on the type of firm you establish. A viable business model to consider for those who have important expertise to teach is creating online courses to generate passive income. A firm that sells information rather than tangible items is an information-based business. This group of entrepreneurs is sometimes referred to as infopreneurs.

Information goods businesses based online courses aren’t the only formats you have to create your business, but they are among the most popular you will encounter. This is a really solid reason. The Course Creation Project is a new, online training program that provides users with six separate modules to follow through on, including all of the necessary knowledge needed to build a highly-revenue course in only a few weeks. Your path to developing a unique perspective in your market begins with online course 101 instruction, where you go through misconceptions and attitude coaching to feel ready, and then use competition research to find out what your unique selling proposition will be. When you have discovered Grace Lever’s competitor research tools, price and refund models, misconceptions and attitude training, you will be able to identify her favorite. And you now know how to start on your course adventure on your own.

Next, you will learn your Course Roadmap, which covers the many steps you need to follow in order to quickly construct a very profitable course offer for sale in only a few days utilizing A-Z Formula, which gives you step-by-step instructions for everything you need to include in your course. So you can finally earn money from your course, and get it out of your brain. The Course Creation Project will show you how to plan out your production schedule so you can simplify your course creation, and plan out which video delivery formats to employ. Additionally, you will be trained on Grace Lever’s little-known high-ticket selling method, which helps clients to commit to finishing each session without even realizing it.

More importantly, Course Creation Project will teach you about setting up your portal by going through each step of the process with step-by-step instructions on how to plan, design, and edit your videos and tutorials, as well as provide resources for the onboarding process so you feel secure with technology. By implementing these free advertising tactics, you will learn how to develop your enticing offer and your customers will not be able to say no. Not only does it allow you to identify profit-raising upsells, downsells, and course inclusions that Grace Lever utilizes, but it also helps you discover profitable upsells, downsells, and course add-ons that will result in you increasing your cart value without increasing your client base.

Use as many free traffic techniques as you like in your course. Students can enroll for free, but you should invest in using email marketing and Facebook to enroll students who already like, trust, and are interested in you. 

About  the instructor Grace Lever

Grace Lever

Grace Lever specializes in creating healthy, lucrative, lifestyle companies for female entrepreneurs, while also providing marketing advice and education. One of the main reasons Grace wanted to start her own company was to enable other women to empower and assist them in starting their own business ventures. She founded, helping other women create and start a lucrative business that works with their lifestyle. As a prior business owner who has had to manage and deal with each and every obstacle and aggravation that entrepreneur has, she has a first-hand understanding of what they go through.

Over the previous year, Grace Lever directed and founded Inbound Marketing, a digital marketing firm that helped her customers grow their sales by over $20 million. Grace was able to migrate from Sydney to her favourite area of Australia because she had developed an internet company that supported her relocation. In 2015, she chose to reside in the Adelaide Hills wine region, where she followed her lifestyle dreams of married life with her husband and dog. Grace serves as the League of Extraordinary Women’s ambassador in Adelaide. She was one of the finalist candidates in the 2015 Telstra Young Business Women’s Awards.

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