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Got A Book In You by Michael Levin shares with you the best practices of how to finish your book and bring it out to the right targets for the most sales. 

Got A Book In You by Michael Levin

Got A Book In You by Michael Levin shares with you the entire process of writing and publishing books so that you can earn a stable income as a writer. The powerful techniques and strategies  to maintain creativity power as well as the promotion campaigns are openly shared along with the illustrations of case studies. If you want to build a business as a writer, Got A Book In You by Michael Levin is the right course for you. 


What can you expect when taking Got A Book In You by Michael Levin?


  • Module 1 – The Magic of Monetizing Your Knowledge, Passion, and Experience:

In this module, you will learn how to prove that passion can be paid equally. The step – by – step guidelines are provided so that you can get the process kicked off. The mastery of knowledge and skills as well as the monetization techniques are shown. 

  • Module 2 – Identify Your Audience:

When you have trust and faith in the future as a coach with the aid of your knowledge, you will learn how to find the right target audience who are willing to pay for your sharing. It is one of the most important steps in the whole process. You need to know about your market and the audience for mutual connection so that you can build and grow a career of writing. 

  • Module 3 – Which Book Should You Write?

Ask yourself the question, why your readers should read your book, you will find the themes and topics you can write in the book. A good book is a combination of matches of many touch points. The content you provide is what your readers are looking for, which can help you focus on expanding and deep diving into the essential knowledge and content delivery that captivate your readers. 

  • Module 4 – Planning Your Book To Maximize Results:

When taking this module, you will learn the step – by – step guidelines on planning skills to have an effective schedule that maintains your writing productivity. You can get access to the writing process, routines and schedules for the best performances.  

  • Module 5 – Hiring An Editor Or Ghostwriter:

The alternatives are shown as back-up plans that can help you finish a book while working on other projects, or being too busy with other business. You can design ideas of content in your book and then you can hire ghostwriters and an editor who can work on the rest. 

  • Module 6 – Publishing Your Book: What Are The Options?

There is a wide range of choices for your promotion campaigns that boost your book’s reach and engagement rates. There are many aspects addressed in this module, including the economics of New York Publishing, the benefits of independent publishings, how to take advantage of Amazon, access to the manuals for making the blurbs, and so on. 

  • Module 7 – Monetizing Your Book, Part I: Cheap And Easy Ways

The benefits of developing a website are openly shared in the process of promotion campaigns of your book. Besides, you can take advantage of social media platforms for launching programs so that you can reach the right target, which increases your sales. The economical methods that you can apply for the promotion strategies are provided so that you can have the cost – saving techniques which generate top – out profits. 

  • Module 8 – Monetizing Your Book, Part II: What Comes Next

Insights into Google Ads and PR as well as the advertising campaigns on Social Media are shown along with the illustrations of case studies and examples. You can accelerate the process of reaching and boosting conversion rates. 

  • Module 9 – Monetizing Your Book, Part III: The Advanced Course

The development of online courses, joint ventures and distribution into bookstores are pointed out along with the best practices and common mistakes that only insiders can tell you. 

About Michael Levin

Got A Book In You Michael Levin

Michael Levin has been considered as one of the influential figures in the ghostwriting business. Through years of working and managing a ghostwriting company, Michael Levin sheds light on how – to along with many real case studies. He is now the leader of a boutique firm called Michael Levin Writing Experience. Michael Levin has chances to work on various projects in many fields, such as business, finance, medical industries, dentistry, consultancy, sports, and so on. Michael Levin has been featured in many prestigious channels, such as Forbes, Newsweek, People, HBO, Los Angeles Times, BBC, Esquire, Abc, Politico, etc. 

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