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The Big Leap Experience by Gay Hendricks, the limitless power of yours is explored


The Big Leap Experience by Gay Hendricks has been highly appreaciated for the instruction on how to gain insights into how to identify which you should improve and leverage and which you should refine to gain the breakthrough. There are 7 modules of the Big Leap Experience by Gay Hendricks, sharing the walk – through of the zone of genius, and the roadmap to unlock the limits of your power and ability alongside the identification of shortcomings and obstacles. The explicit instruction on the trading techniques and strategies, is combined with the illustrations of trading examples and case studies. You do not know what you do not know, which signifies room and space for your limitless power. The Big Leap Experience by Gay Hendricks is a stepping stone for the breakthrough of performance. 


Overview of what you learn in the  Big Leap Experience by Gay Hendricks:


    • Module 1: How To Transcend Your Upper Limits to Prepare for Your Big Leap into the Zone of Genius, in combination with the consciousness tools to transcend the upper limits, how to develop creativity, the roadmap to the Zone of Genius and the identification of obstacles and solutions. 


  • Module 2: Dissolving the 4 Fears That Keep You Trapped Below Your Zone of Genius, the knowledge about how to overcome the fear of becoming a burden, or doing something new is combined with the solutions of how to transform it into the potentials. 
  • Module 3: Your Zone of Genius Mapping the Territory, how to raise the bar of your limit and the strategies to build up your strength and independence, such as the methods of time and task management that can help you gradually live in your zone of genius. 
  • Module 4: Living in Your Zone of Genius Mastering the 3 P’s, the process that can help you get rid of the overreaction towards stress, the walk-through of the 3 P’s for you to decrease the inner critic and leave the space for positive energy and creativity. 
  • Module 5: Mastering Time Making the Shift from Newtonian to Einstein Time, the structure of your daily and weekly routine that is advantageous for creativity, the powerful techniques to work smart with less effort, but gaining higher performances. 
  • Module 6: Taking Big Leaps in Your Relationships, sheds light on how to spot the Upper Limits Problems beforehand, so you can be protected from pitfalls and high risks. 
  • Module 7: The Big Leap in Action, the planning of which steps you should take to spend more time in the Zone of Genius, and how to accelerate the process with the Big Leap Daily Practice, and so on. 



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About Gay Hendricks 

Gay Hendricks

Gay Hendricks is a prominent psychologist, writer and instructor, with the expertise in the personal development, the connection with people and yourself and body intelligence. One of his most famous works is the relationship between the improvement of the relationship and the development of conscious breathing exercises. With the aid of intensive knowledge and experience as a professional psychologist, Gay Hendricks has gained an intimate understanding of what encourages and draws you back in the quest for more successful and happier life. Gay is also the founder of the Spiritual Cinema Circle, alongside his wife and Stephen Simon, a producer, for the movie called Zen Noir (2004). Moreover, Gay Hendricks is also known for his screenwriting of You Can Heal Your Life. There are many books, in addition, that you can check out to explore more about the mind of Gay Hendricks and the methods to boost your limits. The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level, Conscious Loving: The Journey to Co-commitment, Five Wishes: How Answering One Simple Question Can Make Your Dreams Come True, and so on

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