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Gary Dayton – Chart Reading Mastery Course


Chart Reading Mastery

The Unique Comprehensive Course Where You Can Learn to Trade like Top Traders

Taught by Dr. Gary Dayton, a Wyckoff expert, trading psychologist and trading educator, Chart Reading Mastery focuses on reading the market via price bars and volume. The course consists of eight 1 1/2 hour weekly sessions – that’s eight weeks of in-depth education on how to read the market by its own actions using the Wyckoff method.The recording of the last course is available so you can study the best course for trading at your convenience.It’s no secret that the markets offer tremendous opportunities every day. What would it be like for you to see these opportunities as they unfold? What would it be like for you to clearly see the trade set ups … to know where to enter … and to know where to take profit? Where would your confidence be if you know in advance that the trend was about to change – that you could really read this in your charts? How would you feel if you could do this with any market on any time frame?Well, all of this is very possible.


Learn To Understand Market Structure – The Key to Trading


Most traders start with indicators or specialty software that can be helpful, but frustratingly confusing as well. A trade setup works wonderfully one day. Then, just a few days later the exact same setup fails. Why? Because the market structure on the first trade was conducive to that trade; on the second exact same setup, it wasn’t.


You can take any trade setup and dramatically improve it with a sound understanding of market structure. We will show you how to read market structure so that you can anticipate ahead of time what the market is likely to do next.


The Professional’s Winning Edge


Most professional traders don’t rely on indicators for their trading edge. Their big advantage is that they know how to read price bars and volume. This is a significant advantage. Combined with an understanding of market structure, the ability to read the market bar-by-bar is the quintessential professional’s edge. It is what makes them professional. They are not relying on the standard indicators everyone else is using – if they did, they would be in the same boat that 85-90% of all traders are in: a sinking ship of failure. Instead, they have developed the ability to see buying and selling in the markets they trade and whether demand (buying) or supply (selling) is dominant and in control. Combined with an understanding of market structure and exactly where to take trades, the pro trader has a great advantage in trading the markets. You can have this same advantage with an understanding of how to read the market by its own actions and some good, old fashioned hard work.


Our Unique Offer:


Exclusive Material Offered No Where Else


Chart Reading Mastery is unique in that it offers what no one else provides: a proven method of reading the market through price bars and volume in conjunction with market structure. Remember, structure is the professional’s edge that they filter all of their trades. We will show you exactly how to do this and more than that, we will show you exactly where to find your trades.


And, it’s not just a couple of hours with a few charts! Chart Reading Mastery:


Runs for Eight Weeks – yes, you read that right. This is an eight week program where we meet (via the internet) for eight weekly sessions usually lasting between 90 and 120 minutes per session.

Is a complete course in reading the market. You will learn:

All about market structure

How to construct the three types of proper trend lines

Reading the waves of the market – a little-practiced method that keeps you on the right side of the market

Shortening of the Thrust – highly reliable and easy to see ‘market tell’ that the trend is about to change

Clustering of Closes – market behavior that occurs in certain areas that market the end of a move

How to read buying and selling in the price bars

Understanding demand and supply – these are the only things that move the market

The significance of high volume – this tells the pro trader whether a trend will continue or abort

Major indications of strength as they appear on the chart – showing demand has come in or supply has dried up and extremely helpful in knowing what to anticipate next

Major indications of weakness showing selling has come into the market and sellers are taking control

How to integrate market structure with price bar and volume characteristics as well as the major signs of strength and weakness

Absorption of supply – what it is, where to find it, and how to assess it. Absorption tells us in advance that higher prices are yet to come

Several important principles of price behavior – these are market ‘laws’ that precede price action and give you a heads up on where some of the best trades can be made.

A map of the market that gives you a strong model showing you where to find the best trade setups. This is kept on every graduate’s trading desk and is their road map of the market and choice trade setup location

How to create reliable trade setups – we take all that has been learned and bring it into focus with a clear, complete format on how to create trade setups for yourself. This isn’t like you read in all the trading books. It is a complete description of the trade setup with clear guidelines on the market structure you are looking for plus clear trade management components

Several high odds trade setups are shown with all the details, including the vital market structure conditions we look for in making these profitable trades

How to develop mastery in your trading – we give you the specific steps based on 35+ years of scientific research into excellence and mastery and show you how to apply this to your chart reading and trading skill development. Trading is not easy, but it definitely can be learned. This is the secret to developing real expertise and mastery in your trading.

The course is recorded


Chart Reading Mastery is recorded and the recorded courses are available for you to study or review at your convenience. There will be eight individual classes and repeat the class at your leisure for 15 months after the course ends.


“This was a delightful assignment (from Chart Reading Mastery course) and I have had a wonderful trading day on the EURUSD spot fx doing the assignment while live trading. This is some of the coolest and most encouraging I have ever done. Today I have got the feeling of how powerful your work actually is. With very little stress! I have two times been trying to get into a sell position for a larger down move, but it came up again for break even on both. I don’t mind, because it has given me a great experience with what we learned in previous session. The homework illustration with the trendlines was the actual work behind the first sell position, but as first time and a bit baffled by seeing the result with the work I hesitated on this first one. So the illustrated sell level was not the actual level. The other one went like that. After that I stopped, but see two other opportunities which came later. I did not do the buy’s, because of the recent larger down move from 1.3855.” Lars from Canada


“Your chart read­ing mas­tery course is the BEST trad­ing course I ever took and I’ve done quite a few. Each aspect was thor­oughly explained, thor­oughly pre­sented in charts and notes. It con­tained things (many) that I’ve never seen pre­sented any­where else that help me so much in under­stand­ing where sup­ply and demand really are. Great course.” Larry Wal­ter, Trader with 10 years of trad­ing expe­ri­ence, Cas­tle Rock, CO.


Weekly Quizzes, too!


Each week, you will receive a quiz designed to help you understand and retain the material learned in class. These quizzes were created by a Chart Reading mastery course member and they have become a valued part of the training materials.


About the Author


Dr. Gary Dayton stands apart as a trading psychologist in his use of the Mindfulness-Acceptance-Commitment (MAC) approach to peak performance, a model of human behavior based on cutting-edge psychological research.  In his thought-leader article, Fear Not: A Mindful Perspective for Traders published in Stocks, Futures, and Options Magazine (December, 2009), Dr. Dayton introduced traders to the practice of mindfulness to help them overcome fear and other unwanted trading emotions and explained how mindfulness can help traders develop the concentration and focus needed to trade successfully.  Dr. Dayton published another article in the June 2010 issue of SFO Magazine, Take Control of Your Trading: Focus on High-Value Actions, where he shows traders how to stay focused on critical trading actions rather than succumb to ‘emotional hijackings’ while trading.


After learning trading strategies, Dr. Dayton found that the number one challenge for traders is the struggle with the mental and emotional side of trading.  Nearly every trader tries to control his or her emotions, but this is usually ineffective and often becomes problematic for the trader.  The struggle with unwanted emotions and the erratic trading actions that result may be a primary reason why 90% of all aspiring traders fail.  Dr. Dayton uses the MAC model to help traders focus on what matters most for his/her trading and avoid engaging in distracting emotional and mental chatter.


Through seminars, workshops, and coaching, Dr. Dayton, and his company Peak Psychology Inc., help traders overcome the psychological pitfalls unique to trading, while at the same time helping traders develop the optimal mindset needed to be successful.  He focuses on both correcting problems as well as teaching specific proficiencies required to build mastery in trading.  Dr. Dayton applies state-of-the-science knowledge in mindfulness-acceptance, cognitive-behavioral, and sport psychologies, along with research findings from behavioral finance, to help individuals systematically develop peak performance skills and abilities.  His ultimate goal with each individual is to instill the ability to become one’s own peak performance coach.


A trader himself, Dr. Dayton understands what goes through a trader’s mind and can effectively communicate with them.  He integrates his knowledge of advanced psychology with trading to make it easier for the trader to understand.  His approach to trading psychology is focused on helping the trader build the metal skills necessary to trade successfully.   In his work, Dr. Dayton guides the trader through the elements of deep or deliberate practice, a model of elite performance based on 35 years of research in individual performance.


An active trader since 1999, Dr. Dayton has traded equities, commodity futures, the financial index e-mini futures, and options, e-mini S&P futures markets, applying Wyckoff method of market analysis. He is an expert in Wyckoff analysis and the lost art of chart reading, in which the technical aspects of the market are read with price bars and volume.


A featured speaker in workshops and seminars, Dr. Dayton helps traders learn the mental and emotional side of trading through enjoyable and enlightening hands-on exercises.


Dr. Dayton is a psychologist and holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and a certificate in human performance/sport psychology from Rutgers University.  He is President of Peak Psychology, Inc., a consulting firm that specializes in developing “peak” performance in traders.

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