The 2-day FXTE Seminar. Trading the Foreign Exchange Markets


The 2-day FXTE Seminar. Trading the Foreign Exchange Markets

The 2-day FXTE Seminar. Trading the Foreign Exchange Markets


This 2-day seminar was developed to deliver well-rounded education focusing on Forex market mechanics and actionable trading ideas. You’ll walk away with the knowledge and strategies you need to help you trade the world’s largest and most liquid market.

Filled with trading demonstrations and case studies, this incredible educational event includes:

  • the mechanics of Forex trading
  • keys to understanding market response to news
  • technical tools
  • techniques for managing trading capital
  • FXTE Intermediate Forex Trader’s Guide (available at no charge to all seminar attendees)

At the seminar, you’ll learn how to enter into positions while controlling risk and targeting profit. What’s more, you’ll gain an understanding of when and why exchange rates move, and discover ways to avoid common trading mishaps.

Join us at the seminar and learn how to:

  • recognize and capitalize on market trends – both long and short term
  • control $10,000 with just $100 – safely
  • create low stress trades with proper leverage*
  • select a dealer that is right for you
  • create and exit criteria for any position
  • trade currencies at the right time of day for minimal spreads
  • take advantage of the actions of large market participants
  • earn interest on your leveraged positions
  • create strategies that minimize trading costs
  • use simple statistics for choosing trade entry and exits
  • look for technical patterns in charts, such as Gartley and Elliott Wave counts
  • ride 20-60 point directional movement trades that occur daily or weekly
  • anticipate market reaction to major economic events that impact rates

Plus, you’ll be able to start developing the 4 essential skills traders must have to be successful!

Seminar package

When you purchase the 2-day Intermediate Forex Trading Seminar package, you’ll also receive the FXTE Home Study Kit, an extraordinary set of educational materials designed to introduce students to the exciting world of Forex trading.

The Home Study Kit familiarizes you with opportunities and methods for trading foreign exchange prior to attending the seminar, and later can serve as a valuable reference when trading on your own.

The FXTE Home Study Kit includes:

  • Four comprehensive books 
    Using clear, concise language, the authors explain the mechanics of trading the Forex market and provide extensive background for the concepts and strategies taught at the seminar.

    • Book 1: Trading Fundamentals
    • Book 2: Technical Tools
    • Book 3: Profit-making Strategies
    • Book 4: Resource Guide

Four DVDs 
See key Forex trading strategies and concepts come alive on your DVD player.

  • DVD 1: Forex Foundations
  • DVD 2: Targeting Patterns
  • DVD 3: Controlling Accounts
  • DVD 4: Trading Strategies

“If you haven’t traded Forex, you have to take the seminar. The manual and DVDs were just as good as the class.” †
– Benjamin L., CA

  • DVD 1: Forex Foundations
  • Welcome to the World’s Biggest Mark
    1. Background: Market Formation:
    2. Understanding Trade Mechanics
  1. Positive Trade Attributes
    4. Keys to Quotes
    5. Tips on Pips
    6. The Ideal Trade
    7. Insights on Trade Structure
    8. fx Trade Engineering
    9. Timing the Trade Right
    10. Fundamental Analysis in FOREX


  • DVD 2: Targeting Patterns

Technical Analysis

  1. Indicators
  2. Elliot Wave
  3. Fibonacci Ratios
    4. Trading the Reversal
  4. Elliot Wave Challenges
    6. The Gartley Pattern
    7. Candlestick Patterns
    8. Entry Criteria


  • DVD 3: Controlling Accounts

Risk And Money Management

  1. Account Risk Managment
  2. Portfolio Risk
    3. Trading Risk Management
  3. Time zones
  4. A Plan for Each Trade
  5. Risk Per Trade
    7. Entry Risk Management
    8. Exit Risk Management
    9. Hedging


  • DVD 4: Trading Strategies

Trading Strategies

  1. Long Term Carry Trade 2004
  2. Long Term Carry Trade 2003
  3. Intermediate Term (Swing) Trading
  4. Trading Plan
  5. Gartley Pattern on australian Dollar
  6. Gartley Pattern on Euro
  7. Gartley Pattern on Canadian Dollar
  8. Review
    9. Create Your Own Trading Plan
    10. Trading as a Business

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