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The FroKnownsPhoto Guide To Video Editing by Jared Polin trains you to master the video editing software and equipment for advancing your later video product.

The FroKnownsPhoto Guide To Video Editing – Jared Polin trains you to master the video editing software and equipment for advancing your later video product.

Discovering the useful content of FroKnownsPhoto Guide To Video Editing

What can you expect from this course?

The FroKnownsPhoto Guide To Video Editing brought by Jared Polin teaches you to become a professional video editor following up the high-quality syllabus.

In this course, you will meet Jared Polin, an expert in the media industry, who will directly help you to learn the whole process of making videos that any industry, any department also need as the perfect visualized support tools, especially media industry. Jared dedicated this course aiming to give useful guidance for video editors who have not had any footage, completely new in this field only have very basic skills. Taking part in this course, you will experience the complete step by step system leading you to painlessly become the professional editor with the advanced skills who are able to create the polished masterpiece.

Via the 9-hour length course, you will walk through the techniques making a video and how to set up and build the interesting frame, being able to attract spectators due to the creativity of the video’s story. Starting with learning deeply about the techniques and editing fundamentals allows you to be flexible working with diverse software fluently and find out the suitable action plan to build up the raw video to the masterpiece right away. 

Beside getting the comprehensive and advanced skills about editing videos that give you a greater job in the higher position, successfully achieving that matter to you, you also have a valuable chance to meet the experts in media fields who have enormous experiences in this industry that grew up in many TV programs and movies and learn from the successful story of them including the challenges that they had to overcome giving you the awareness about the career developing path in the future that less common risks and more opportunities for you. 

What will you learn in this course?

Via The FroKnownsPhoto Guide To Video Editing, you will deeply be instructed using the editing fundamentals and the techniques as the foundation and then advancing to the other cutting-edge skills that turn you into an experienced video editor. The highlight point when you take part in the FroKnownsPhoto Guide To Video Editing course, you will have a chance to learn deeply in the films and music video, teaching you powerful editing actions you can take to drive the story and captivate your audience. Therefore, you can be able to open the production house on your own and attract many clients who are big media companies coming to you with the profitable offers. 

Here is the outline of the FroKnownsPhoto Guide To Video Editing course that you will learn when joining:

  • Component 1: Foundation of Video Editing Fundamentals
  • Component 2: Four supplementary “hands on” sections
  • Hands on tutorial 1: Short Film/Narrative
  • Hands on tutorial 2: Music video
  • Hands on tutorial 3: Corporate Electronic Press Kit
  • Hands on tutorial 4: Youtube video
  • Component 3: Access to all raw footage from the supplementary tutorials

Taking a look at the bonus materials that you will receive in this course:

  • Todd’s producer note
  • Video editing worksheet
  • Video editing checklist
  • Todd’s editing quick tips
  • Exclusive short film: Flour Power (Plus all of assets)
  • Exclusive videoblocks & audioblocks offer


Getting to know more about your trainer, Jared Polin

Jared Polin 3

Jared Polin has been known as the founder of CEFRO which was founded in 2010 aiming to help photographers of all skill levels to become better through fun and informative videos and content.

Also, Jared Polin has an enormous experience working in the media industry in the position taking responsibility on filming and photography. Starting the career in the early stage, Jared took jobs relating the design and visualization of firms and brands. Jared is considered as the talented photographer who released many dazing photos that you can find out on his own website Currently, Jared provides his valuable experience and knowledge for other people to consume the tips for taking amazing photos via the online courses that attracted a lot of students on the international scale. 

If you have any questions about the FroKnownsPhoto Guide To Video Editing brought by Jared Polin or related information such as price, payment method, please feel free to contact us via the enclosed address below for consultation.

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