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The program Freelance Tax Preparer & BookkeepingLife Bundle by Steve Crisler will teach you the strategy to get clients to your bookkeeping business.

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Start and grow your bookkeeping business with Freelance Tax Preparer & BookkeepingLife Bundle by Steve Crisler

In its most basic description, bookkeeping is the process of keeping track of the money that comes into and leaves a business. There must be a record of every cent that moves and a way to classify them. That way, a business owner or manager can keep track of how well the firm is doing, where its money is being spent, and how much money it is making, all of which will allow them to make more informed business choices. It is also essential to be aware of this information in order to comply with tax regulations.

Consider how drastically different your life would be if you had your own successful accounting company that brought in $100,000 per year and that you could run from anywhere in the globe. Even if you have no previous experience, Steve Crisler’s step-by-step curriculum Freelance Tax Preparer & BookkeepingLife Bundle will provide you with the blueprint for starting your very own profitable virtual accounting company, even if you have limited resources.

All you need is a desk or a laptop computer with enough room to work comfortably. In a coffee shop, a spare room in your house, a kitchen table, a hotel room while on vacation, or even in a van driving across the country, you may write. In order to operate a virtual accounting company, you will just need a computer and internet connection. Because this is a self-study program, you may go at your own speed. In most cases, it takes 2-3 weeks to finish, however it may be completed in as little as one week if necessary. By diving deep into the Steve Crisler’s Freelance Tax Preparer & BookkeepingLife Bundle, you will be able to acquire customers without the time commitment associated with traditional education and certification. It makes no difference to clients what degree you have or don’t have, and they are completely unaware of the significance of credentials. They are concerned about getting their problem resolved, and our curriculum instructs you on how to resolve their issues.

Here’s exactly what you’ll get in the learn start grow program Freelance Tax Preparer & BookkeepingLife Bundle by Steve Crisler

Module 1 – Personal Branding

  • Clients = Professional Branding + Effective Advertising.
  • The Dos and Don’ts of Business Naming
  • The Importance of Having a Professionally Designed Logo and Website
  • How to get and set up a domain name & web hosting
  • Includes professional logo and website design, as well as a variety of other services.

Module 2 – Public Relations

  • The second critical component of client acquisition is advertising.
  • Effective strategies for bringing your brand to the attention of potential clients
  • Methods that are completely free
  • Methods 
  • that are inexpensive
  • Extroverts and introverts alike

Module 3 – Client Interactions

  • Now that you’ve established a professional brand and promote your business efficiently, it’s time to bring in the clients.
  • How to initiate contact
  • Analyze the client’s requirements
  • How to establish a client’s starting point
  • How to obtain from a client what you require
  • How to charge and be compensated

Module 4 – QuickBooks Overview

  • Create an account with QBOA
  • A tour of your QBOA in less than ten minutes
  • Add a new wholesale customer
  • Accept an invitation to join a client’s accounting firm.
  • Establishing the Chart of Accounts and initial balances
  • Creating a link between your bank and credit card accounts
  • Income and cost categories on a cash basis
  • Manual entry of transactions in a checkbook
  • Account reconciliation between bank and credit card
  • Adjustments to journal entries
  • Producing straightforward financial statements

Module 5 – Introduction to Excel

  • Uses for this really essential instrument that are absolutely necessary
  • Acquire fundamental knowledge.
  • How to transfer the reports from QuickBooks to Excel
  • How to conduct client predictions
  • How to arrange data and use pivot tables

Introducing your mentor Steve Crisler

Steve Crisler

Certified public accountant Steve Crisler has spent the last two decades assisting others leave the 9-5 cubicle and rush hour traffic in order to create their own bookkeeping and accounting businesses. Steve Crisler had had enough of sitting behind a desk all day at the corporate accounting office in 2004. A leap of faith led him to relocate from Illinois to California, where he relied only on my education, experience, and faith to begin his own freelancing bookkeeping and accounting practice. However, he has been using QuickBooks practically daily since that time, has a large customer base, is earning a good living, and can work from anywhere.

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