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The Advanced Consulting Class by Frank Kern is a 6-week training program on advanced sales skills that help you convince your clients to give you more money.

Advanced Consulting Class by Frank Kern: Master the skills, master the game

First of all, Frank Kern’s Advanced Consulting Class teaches you how to figure out your optimal perspective. Now that you know how many customers you are ready to manage and how much you are going to have to bill them to sustain yourself, the enormous issue remains is if there is someone out there ready to pay me this kind of money. This is the course module that helps you answer this issue by telling you how you can find out where these individuals are and how much and the questions you have to ask yourself to be sure that you are ready to look at their perspectives if you really face them.

Frank Kern also offers you the right prospects in his Advanced Consulting Class. It comes from the third module of your training which covers what you can do to position yourself as a reliable expert, to design an appealing offer to ask about your services, to construct an effective funnel in order to make prospects and to make these prospects happen in the first place. That’s all the things you need to do before you worry about traffic. With this lead generating procedure, you will come up with something free to give as a shameless bribe in exchange for them to trade with your prospects.

In addition, Tony Robbins, Steve Wynn, and Frank Kern will show you the secret to advanced consultation group coaching in the Advanced Consulting Class. According to Tony Robbins, six needs are why everyone does anything, they’re why they purchase, they’re why they try and why some individuals keep up with their problem because it fulfills the needs.

If you are supplying assistance to company owners, consider whether or not they have a list of customers and prospects who are actively involved, and whether or if an even larger pool of prospects is available who are the best candidates in terms of what the customer sells, etc. If you want to offer advice to non-company owners, consider what would have to be true in relation to your situation that would allow you to have zero problems helping them and then consider all the aspects that would have to apply to them in order for them to make their decision to pay you the fee you want (their income, their specific scenario, etc.). This is the way for you.

Here is an overview the course breakdown of the Advanced Consulting Class by Frank Kern:

  • Week 1: Overview of how to get out of your own way and address the nonsense ideas you have about why you can’t acquire customers, how to arrange your time, how to price your products, and all the other components of a profitable consulting firm.
  • Week 2: Determine which market to target.
  • Week 3: Figure out how to generate leads for your business.
  • Week 4: How to turn your leads into paying clients.
  • Week 5: What you need to do to make these clients enthused about giving you additional money.
  • Week 6: Additional revenue streams for your consulting firm.

Introducing your instructor Frank Kern

Frank Kern

Frank Kern is the creator of Behavioral Dynamic Response, an automated marketing strategy that shortens your sales cycle by adapting your marketing messages to your prospect’s activity. He is also a successful businessman, online marketer, and business consultant from the United States of America. He has established himself as one of the leading guru’s in the field of internet marketing in a number of nations. His data products are often offered for $1997, which is almost the standard ticket price for the online launch of a top product. Kern began his career in Macon, GA as a door-to-door salesperson for credit card processing systems. He encountered a great deal of opposition and remained in a single trailer throughout, impatiently anticipating a dual-wide relocation. Frank Kern obtained some Tony Robbins CDs from his stepfather at the time and immediately began developing the mind after becoming one of the leading Internet marketers.

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