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Trading with the Time Factor 1 and 2 by Frank Barillaro, the correlation between timing and trading profitability 

Trading with the Time Factor 1 and 2 by Frank Barillaro provides the illuminating insights into the correlation between timing and trading profitability. The deep-dives into the core factors and the impacts on the consistency of earnings when trading are shown in the course, which can help you gain the trading edge, no matter where you are trading in. The illustration of trading charts and case studies complement the instruction of techniques and frameworks, as well as the principles. 

Trading with the Time Factor 1 by Frank Barillaro: 

Insights into the market trends and trend trading techniques:

  • The walkthrough of the legendary frameworks of W.D. Gann, Fibonacci and Elliott Wave theory
  • The methods to determine a trade in the flow of trend 
  • The deep-dives into the Gann Swing Charts 
  • The identification of market sections 
  • The Overbalance of Time and Price is pointed out 
  • The powerful techniques for measurement are recommended 
  • The instruction on how to utilise trend lines, trend channels and moving averages 

The projection of price:

  • The knowledge about Price Retracements, the identification of major and minor price ranges, etc. 
  • The guideline of using a Fibonacci retracement 
  • How to leverage the historical market prices to project the next market prices 
  • How to pinpoint the future tops and bottoms 
  • The illustrations of trading example where the S&P 500 top in September 2012 to the exact point was accurately anticipated 

The determination of market strength 

  • The guideline of Pitch Lines to determine the market move’ strength 
  • The walk-through of The ‘Barillaro Box’, a trend tracking indicator 
  • The instruction on the ‘Barillaro Angle’, a price projecting technique

Time and its impacts on trading 

  • Insights into time and price angles 
  • The instruction on Gann Master Square calculators

The best practices of optimal trade entries and exits

  • The principles of risk management 
  • The points of entering/exiting trades in the flow of trend 
  • The points of entering/exiting trades against the trend 

Trading with the Time Factor 2 by Frank Barillaro: 

The deep-dives into the Time Factor

  • The guideline to point out the loop of time frames in a market 
  • The operation of the major time frames
  • The overview of key time frames on over 20 years of bear market of gold 
  • The in-depth analysis of time cycles, with the the2011 all-time high in gold
  • The proprietary forecasting tool
  • The timing of a Trading to Time 
  • The calculation and division of a a yearly cycle of time
  • The examples of the anticipation of highs and lows in 2000 and 2001 (ASX 200) and the repeating time counts in 2011 and 2012 (S&P500)

The explicit explanation about Master Time Factor 

  • The Gann Decade Cycle
  • The methods to calculate a decade roadmap calendar 
  • The knowledge about the fourth dimension showing 20 year time cycles
  • The adaptation of Master Time Cycles to the market projection 
  • The meanings behind the major time cycles (in 2017)

The principles for long-term trading success 

  • The knowledge about trading psychology 
  • The simple rules of risk management 
  • The top trend indicators and their adjustment 


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About Frank Barillaro

Frank Barillaro, Roc Partners

Frank Barillaro has been known for his illuminating insights into the relationship between timing and trading. Frank Barillaro has developed one of his notable courses, Trading with the Time Factor 1 and 2 by Frank Barillaro, for the consistent trading edge. Besides the instruction on how-tos, the illustrations of vivid charts and case studies can help you easily visualise the execution to real trading. There are many trading instruments that can be beneficial from the techniques and frameworks of Frank Barillaro, such as stock, futures, forex, S&P 500, and so on. The ability to get the right timing of your trade entries and exits is one of the keys to unlock long-term profitability of trading. 

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