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Learn more about the things that you are preventing from being a market maker with the exclusive education from trading class Master Trader Course by Followmetrades 

Engage onto Master Trader Course and unlock the pro trader in you 

Partake into the Master Trader Course by Followmetrades and learn the proper way of trading that can allow you to produce a consistent flow of income from trading. The market is volatile, and statistics have claimed that 90% of the whole population in the market has failed to make a substantial amount of money. Many traders who are having potential in flourishing into a professional trader but they have all given up due to the fact of the market changeful nature. The Master Trader Course by Followmetrades will be the lifesaver towards inexperienced traders in this battle against the financial market. The course will have a duration of 4 in-depth hours and it will come in the form of teaching videos, and an extensive archive of recorded live training sessions. 

The materials of the Master Trader Course will be clear and simple reading on theory, strategies and trading rules so you would needless to be worried about being confused during the sessions. There will be additional help for you as a student in this course of Followmetrades and that is: email support for any questions that come up, recorded live training and trading sessions and printable materials. Quickly get engage with Master Trader Course and learn the way to minimize risk and maximize return


Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Module 1: Dow Theory
  • Trend Analysis
  • Trend Change Confirmation
  • Indicators


  • Module 2: Elliott Wave
  • Simple Elliott Wave Theory
  • Wave Counts
  • Impulsive vs. Corrective Waves
  • Using Dow and Elliott Together


  • Module 3: Risk Control
  • Risk Management Theory
  • Risk of Ruin
  • Trade Size Calculation
  • Scaling In: Adding to Positions


  • Module 4: Trade Setups
  • Trading Rules
  • Trade Setups
  • Reward/Risk Analysis
  • Trade Entry Criteria
  • Trade Management


  • Module 5: Psychology
  • Trading Business Plan
  • Tracking Results
  • Trading Psychology
  • Dealing with Losing Trades
  • Module 6: Scanning
  • Scanning Technique
  • Scanning Tools
  • Sector Analysis
  • Instant Chart Pattern Recognition

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The organisation Followmetrades LLC, founded by Dean Jenkins in 2015, gives subscriptions to Dean’s Stock and Options Picks. Subscribers “Follow” Dean as he trades his OWN MONEY in his OWN ACCOUNT wherein he continuously beats the major marketplace indexes with minimized risk. Followmetrades additionally gives quite a few schooling for those who need to analyze winning, profitable trading strategies, consisting of Master Trader Course and Ichimoku Cloud courses. Followmetrades, LLC, is a Limited Liability Company, registered with the Washington Secretary of State. The founding father of Followmetrades has over 20-years of investing and trading experience and makes his living trading the monetary markets. In addition to trading his own account, he’s a coach and a trading educator who’s consulted by traders from all over the globe, as he enables them to attain their monetary goals.

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