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Ichimoku Cloud Trading Course by Follow Me Trades provides the basics of Ichimoku Cloud and how to combine it with other analysis techniques in multiple time frames.

Ichimoku Cloud Trading Course by Follow Me Trades, clears the ‘cloudy’ mode of the trading market

Ichimoku Cloud Trading Course by Follow Me Trades is designed with the walk-through of the techniques for technical analysis with candle charts, the moving-average based trend for the prediction of the next market moves. This course shares with you the fundamentals of Ichimoku Cloud alongside the illustrations of charts and explicit explanations, which makes it an ideal course for the beginners with this analysis technique. Moreover, when taking the Ichimoku Cloud Trading Course by Follow Me Trades, you gain access to proprietary Ichimoku Cloud settings based on the Fibonacci ratios for higher accuracy of market forecasts. Among the analysis techniques, Elliott Waves principle stands out for its effectiveness. 

The combination between Ichimoku Cloud Trading and Elliott Waves methods is guided in this course, which generates invaluable insights into market trends, price action with clear patterns. Leveraging such insights, the Ichimoku Cloud Trading Course by Follow Me Trades shows you the detailed guidelines of how to build up strategies for the top – out profits without taking risks. The time frames are different, which leads to the difference in the application of techniques. You learn how to adapt Ichimoku Cloud trading techniques with the proper modifications to match day trading, and longer time frames. You can also gain the recordings of live trading webinar for the observation of how aforementioned techniques are applied to real time trading. The guidelines of risk and trade management are also packed in the Ichimoku Cloud Trading Course for consistent profitability. 

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