How to Get Rich with Your IRA and Never Pay Taxes – Ron Legrand & Richard Desich


The training program How to Get Rich with Your IRA and Never Pay Taxes by Ron Legrand & Richard Desich will teach you the tactics to reduce the taxes amount. 

Why it’s crucial to take the course How to Get Rich with Your IRA and Never Pay Taxes by Ron Legrand & Richard Desich

Did you know there is a hidden IRS policy that allows you to amass riches without paying taxes on it? Do not feel left out if you did not, since this is a secret that the majority of CPAs are not even privy to. Not only does this hidden rule exist, but it also allows you to transfer your tax-free wealth to your children and grandkids.

Get Rich with Your IRA
Get Rich with Your IRA

What How to Get Rich with Your IRA and Never Pay Taxes is about to disclose to you is completely legal and, in fact, encouraged by the US government. Using Ron Legrand’s one-of-a-kind ideas and strategies, hundreds of pupils have risen from low beginnings to produce riches out of thin air and profit enormously with no money of their own.

Here’s what you will learn with this 5 CD training program

  • Why it is necessary to have at least one Roth IRA
  • How to quickly and simply establish a Roth IRA in order to accumulate wealth tax-free
  • How to earn a substantial tax-free return by investing lawfully in real estate via your IRA
  • How to avoid IRS issues
  • How to protect yourself from sue-happy crooks while earning at least 30% on your investment

Along with the five-CD audio system, the course How to Get Rich with Your IRA and Never Pay Taxes will provide you with a 136-page booklet that contains all the papers and agreements you’ll need to quickly and simply establish a Roth IRA, as well as instructions on how to conduct real estate transactions inside it to ensure the money is tax-free for life. All you have to do is complete the basic paperwork included in this booklet, and previously taxed funds will become tax-free.

About your course leaders Ron Legrand & Richard Desich

Who is Ron Legrand?

Since the age of eighteen, Ron LeGrand has been an entrepreneur. He joined the real estate market in 1982, revolutionizing the sector by developing risk-free techniques for buying and selling property. Global Publishing Inc. was founded by Ron LeGrand to coach people in the real estate industry. Along with his real estate endeavors, Ron is the owner and operator of two restaurants, two information marketing firms, three consulting firms, and a few more.

Ron Legrand
Ron Legrand

Who is Richard Desich?

Richard Desich is the co-founder and current President of the Equity Trusts broker dealer affiliate. He is licensed by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority to do business in the following securities. He formerly served as President of the Retirement Sector Trust Association, a trade association that promotes the self-directed retirement industry, which manages about $200 billion in assets. He has worked with the Treasury Department, the Department of Labor, the Internal Revenue Service, the House Ways and Means Committee, and the Senate Finance Committee on behalf of RITA and the self-directed industry.

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