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The Fanatical Prospecting Essentials brought by Jeb Blount gives you every element allowing you to advance the performance for successfully reaching prospects

The Fanatical Prospecting Essentials brought by Jeb Blount gives you every element allowing you to advance the performance for successfully reaching prospects

Master the prospect’s insight using the advanced techniques from the Fanatical Prospecting Essentials course

What can you expect from this course?

Via the Fanatical Prospecting Essentials brought by Jeb Blount, you will meet the new definition in the business field that is Fanatical Prospecting which is the effective method that allows you to master the insight of a prospect in order to create a proper approach to strategies being able to gain profits. 

You will be walked through the breaks down the essential elements of developing a Fanatical Prospecting mindset, which is powerful and involves the insight and inspiration supporting you to fill the pipeline and successfully achieve the target. Jeb Blount will train you the skill of working with prospects which are defining the demand of your customers target, analyzing it in order to build up the strategies attracted and what you should do in the customer service stage for effectively maintaining the relationship between your firm and them. 

What will you learn from this course?

Taking part in the Fanatical Prospecting Essentials course, you will have the chance to experience the exclusive mastermind interview, helping you to in-depth understand the definition, functions and using methods of Fanantical Prospecting, the tool helping you to master the ability to work with prospects. Therefore, scale up your profits from the business’ high-effective strategies.

You will receive the studying materials supporting you during the learning process such as qualified theories, real-data examples and practical strategies.

Here is the course’s outline of the Fanatical Prospecting Essentials course that you will follow up when taking part in: 

  • Define how to leverage Fanatical Prospecting to become an ultra-high performer.
  • The keys to developing a Fanatical Prospecting mindset.
  • How to use the Ledge technique to more effectively deal with prospecting objections.
  • Word for word scripts for skipping past prospecting objections.
  • How to grab your prospect’s attention and keep them engaged, even when they are trying to brush you off.
  • How to make more prospecting calls, in less time, with better outcomes.
  • Why you need an ideal qualified prospect profile and segmenting to target and engage the right prospects.
  • The biggest mistakes sales professionals make with prospecting and how to avoid them.
  • Why is it essential that you make prospecting your top daily priority, no matter what.

Learn more about Jeb Blount

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Jeb Blount has been known as the sales acceleration specialist who has more than 25 years working with Fortune 5000 companies, small and midsize businesses, and startups. He is well-known and respected due to the outstanding achievements which were worthy contributions to the business industry that can be listed as the 13 specialized books used widely teaching about how to be the leader on sales, leadership training program and analysing customer experience.

Currently, Jeb Blount runs the Sales Gravy as the founder, which is the sales specific website having the most visitors coming to seek for the service to satisfy their demand on business which are the consultant and advice about the channel development and strategic account management. The high reputation of Sales Gravy is proven by the clients coming from around the world. 

Jeb Blount gives help for people by training and advancing the ability, and specialized for them via his courses.

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