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 Facebook Marketing Bundle by Melissa Ingold illuminates insights into the techniques and strategies to bring the best out of Facebook marketing campaigns

Facebook Marketing Bundle by Melissa Ingold

Facebook Marketing Bundle by Melissa Ingold is a collection of three courses covering many aspects of facebook marketing strategies and techniques to gain the top-out profits for your business. In business management and development, you need to increase the number of prospects you approach to increase the lead generation and conversion for the momentum in business growth. Facebook stands out as one of the best tools and platforms for digital marketing, which can help you reach the target audience and convert them into loyal customers. There are many social platforms, but Facebook still shows its dominance in engagement and impression. There are many aspects of Facebook marketing covered in the Facebook Marketing Bundle by Melissa Ingold, such as technical sides, content for the posts, and the best tools, and so on. 

  • The Plan & Create Your Own Influential Facebook Live Stream’s Kit:

  • Getting Started:

You will gain access to overview of a marketing strategy, its elements and the goals of developing and applying it to real business. Moreover, insights into time and budgets are also covered in this session. 

  • Livestream Ideas + Goals:

The walk-through on the fundamental components of a plan and how to generate ideas in alignment with the ROI goals is openly shared along with the illustrations of case studies and examples. 

  • Livestream Content Plan: 

You will gain access to the secrets behind  the live streams that have attracted a huge number of target audience and have astonishing figures of sales. There are many aspects covered in this section, including:

  • Types of live streams. 
  • How to make a list of hot topics and create intriguing titles. 
  • The best practices of outlining the livestream content. 
  • The determination of the flow and engagement plan. 
  • Livestream Delivery Plan:

You will learn many techniques that help you smooth the process of launching yoru livestream, including:

  • Setting a Date and Time.
  • The promotion techniques and strategies of the livestream. 
  • The creation of promotional content. 
  • The secrets behind the description of videos. 
  • The tips of live stream preparation. 
  • After the Livestream:

After launching the livestream events, you will need to master these skills, including: 

  • The editing techniques of videos.
  • How to monitor your video performances. 
  • How to learn from experiences. 
  • The Create Your Next Level Facebook Content Plan for More Fame, Followers, and Fans:

  • Getting Started:

  • Instruction on a Marketing Strategy.
  • The straightforward discussion on Timeline & Budget. 
  • Facebook Strategy Research + Prep:

  • Insights into the Soul Tribe Research. 
  • The selection of the potential topics and content for the acquisition of high-level clients. 
  • Facebook Content Plan:

  • The secrets behind the influential and inspiring content delivery schedule. 
  • The identification of hot topics/themes for your content. 
  • The organization of strategic content for your facebook marketing campaigns. 
  • Facebook Content Post-processing:

  • The benefits of monthly review of your facebook performances. 
  • How to take advantage of long content posts. 
  •  The High-End Sales with Facebook Messenger Kit:

  • Pinpoint Your Goal with 20/20 Vision:

  • Instructions on the main offer. 
  • The identification of your target prospects who are likely to become your customers. 
  • Build a Rock-Solid Foundation:

  • Guidelines on how to develop your facebook page and messenger account. 
  • The creation of an auto-response message to save time and effort. 
  • The installation of a chatbot on a website. 
  • The maintenance of the impressive response times. 
  • Planning the Funnel:

  • The best ways to initiate a conversation. 
  • The handoff to a human. 
  • The follow – up techniques with purpose.
  • The creation of the follow – up plans of messenger on Facebook. 

About Melissa Ingold

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Melissa Ingold shares with you the best methods and strategies applied to real business and bringing real revenues in the courses and workbooks about business and marketing development. With the aid of vast knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship and digital marketing, Melissa Ingold sheds light on the effective tactics along with the real case studies and examples for illustrations. If you would like to learn about building and managing a profitable business, Melissa Ingold is one of the greatest mentors you can learn from. 


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