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The training course Facebook for Intermediate Advertisers by Jon Loomer empowers you to master more advanced techniques to deal with Facebook algorithms. 

Enhance your advanced Facebook ads tactics with the course Facebook for Intermediate Advertisers by Jon Loomer

In terms of Facebook advertising, are you making assumptions? What if you’ve been tasked with running advertising campaigns but have never received any official training on how to do it effectively? As you go through this Facebook advertising intermediate course, you will learn how to plan, implement, measure, and optimize your Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns. Once you’ve finished this course, you’ll be well-prepared for creating effective campaigns and driving traffic to your website in the form of downloads, sales, and sign-ups will be at your fingertips.

Jon Loomer’s Facebook for Intermediate Advertisers is a four-week training program for intermediate Facebook advertisers who want to learn more sophisticated strategies. Advertisements that go beyond the fundamentals of boosting posts and producing simple ads are a challenge for the majority of marketers. Advanced targeting approaches and a greater grasp of how to optimize based on findings are both necessary for them to progress. Four 60-minute webinars are included in this course. The recordings of each webinar will be made accessible and contain a presentation, Q&A, and an assignment to keep you on track. The following is a list of the topics covered in these webinars:

  • Website Custom Audiences: Target Visitors
  • Advanced Targeting Techniques
  • Facebook Ad Reports: Analyzing Results
  • Canvas: Create an Interactive Experience


Social media marketing’s potential is well-known among marketers. But lately, Facebook has been receiving a lot of attention from advertisers. Advertisers on Facebook raised their video spending by 24% in the third quarter of this year, according to new research. Facebook now has almost two billion monthly active users, so it makes sense. Additionally, Jon Loomer’s Facebook for Intermediate Advertisers curriculum contains all the replays from the 4-week beginner’s course, which can be found here. These recordings cover the following topics:

  • Audience Insights: Finding Your Audience
  • Email Custom Audiences: Find Your Customers
  • Lookalike Audiences: Find Similar People
  • An Introduction to Power Editor
  • Facebook Advertising for Intermediates


Get to know more about your course instructor Jon Loomer

Facebook for Intermediate Advertisers Jon Loomer

Jon Loomer is a Facebook marketing consultant, author, speaker, and strategist that specializes in social media marketing. During his time working with the National Basketball Association in 2007, he was one of the first people to utilize Facebook for professional objectives. After launching Jon Loomer Digital in late 2011, he quickly established JonLoomer.com as well as his Facebook page as go-to destinations for information on Facebook marketing studies, tips, and lessons in little more than a year. Jon now serves as the CEO of Jon Loomer Digital. Among the top ten social media blogs in 2013, 2014, and 2015, JonLoomer.com was named one of the top ten by Social Media Examiner. It is, without a doubt, the most comprehensive online resource for advanced Facebook marketing strategies and training, with new content being added almost daily.

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