Facebook Ads Expert Mastery Class – Chase Chappell


The Facebook Ads Expert Mastery Class by Chase Chappell is a comprehensive training on how to optimize your Facebook ads campaigns for better results. 

Enhance your techniques with Facebook Ads Expert Mastery Class by Chase Chappell

Chase Chappell’s Facebook Ads Expert Mastery Class will teach you how to use simple Processes, Procedures, and Strategies to achieve continually improving ROAS. All the documents, training and past 1-on-1 coaching recordings on how to design advertisements that convert, optimize audiences for increased ROAS and scale results to boost your ROI are included in this course, which includes more than 150 guides, downloads and recorded materials. You’ll also get access to a library of more than 15 Facebook ad modules and templates after you complete this course. Multiple plug-and-play Facebook audience/campaign templates are available to help you achieve results, convert audiences, scale your business and do a whole lot more with your time and money.


Here’s what you will learn about the 4-phase system in this Facebook Ads Expert Mastery Class by Chase Chappell

  • Phase 1: The Fundamentals: Educating yourself and using guiding concepts for creating effective Facebook ads. Recognize the specific metrics that contribute to the system that underpins the data-driven approach.
  • Phase 2: Chaos vs. Clarity: How to make data-driven decisions about your campaigns, ad sets, and advertising based solely on data. Discover what makes a successful creative, and discover how to eliminate any emotion, intuition, and personal experience.
  • Phase 3: High vs. Low Performers: Recognize the methods for ad and ad set reduction. This course details the precise rounds of cuts necessary to eliminate underperformers in your ads and ads sers in order to improve your results and minimize your overall cost per result.
  • Phase 4: When and How to Scale: This course will teach you how to scale your results swiftly. How to reset the learning phase without resetting the dacales. Understanding how to scale campaigns/ad sets consistently on a daily basis without dramatically increasing your cost per result.


Learn more about your instructor Chase Chappell

Chase Chappell

Chase Chappell, a serial entrepreneur and marketer, is the creator of Chappell Digital, a Facebook media purchasing agency, which features an in-house marketing section as well as consulting and accounts teams. Having grown up in today’s digital environment, Chase understands how to bundle everything accessible to bring companies and consumers together in a natural and smooth manner. First and foremost in customers’ minds when they think of Chase is their ability to deliver on promises. Results that can be measured, touched, and tracked. As soon as he established Chappell Digital Marketing, Chase began offering this service to his customers. An uncommon occurrence in the business. For this reason, Chase has been able to develop his business from a few hundred dollars in his pocket to a full-service digital marketing firm today.

When it comes to getting things done for his customers, Chase Chappell is a magician. Chase has achieved exponential outcomes that no one else has been able to match using a mix of analytics, technology, automation, and metrics. He is well-liked by customers because of his focus on the fine details and unwavering pursuit of speed and efficacy. Putting up a strong squad that is complementary to Chase Chappell’s strengths has been a priority for him recently. Always enlisting the services of those who are superior to him. He works tirelessly at Chappell Digital Marketing to provide an inclusive, diverse, and lifelong learning environment. He places a high value on ensuring that his employees have a healthy work-life balance.

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