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Residual Income for Creatives by Ezra Cohen walks you through the process of maintaining the frequency of bringing out the creative ideas effortlessly.

Residual Income for Creatives by Ezra Cohen, the formula for profitable creativity! 

The Residual Income for Creatives by Ezra Cohen focuses on how you can develop your mind to come up with innovative, new and creative ideas without experiencing the agony of brainstorming or blocks. The methods and process shown in this course can pave the path for the stable flow of income from creativity-related-jobs. There is a popular stereotype that artists could not make money because they are far more romantic and less realistic. However, the truth is once you are good enough, the earnings you gain are high no matter what you are working on, whether it is art or business. 

There are many artists you can check online for their enormous assets and leading wealthy lives. The Residual Income for Creatives by Ezra Cohen shares the process to maintain the frequencies of your creative ideas coming out, in other words, you learn to become the master of your ideas, of creativity rather than being its slave and sometimes victim. The explicit guidelines are shared for your application right after taking this course. 

Overview of what you learn in the Residual Income for Creatives by Ezra Cohen: 

Ezra Cohen

  • The practices to shift your mindset into the creative mode and the courage to gain money from your art. It does not signify that you lose your artistic mindset, but the shift into the profitably artistic way of thinking. 
  • Thinking about how to build up the path for earning residual income from the assets that you already had. 
  • The guidelines for your effective research about what you need to improve for outperformance, and the development of your own creativity. 
  • How to publish and promote your products, with the aid of social media and online platforms. 
  • Instructions on low cost marketing campaigns at the early stage of promotion.
  • The planning of scaling and sizing your business of art and creativity is shared. 
  • And so much more!

Creativity does have agony packed in its process, but if you have enough passion for creating something, it turns into pleasure. Art is for art, not for business, but at the end of the day, who is going to pay your bill? 

Such questions are the conflict you might have to deal with inside and outside, when there are many people who think that making art or working in art is not the best way to make money. It is true somehow, however, if you are born with the natural sensibility and high emotional intelligence and what you care the most is human emotions, art is a great outlet. As long as you still keep your pure passion for creative art, in combination with the smart way to gain the best out of your creativity, art becomes among the good sources of stable income.  The Residual Income for Creatives by Ezra Cohen shares with you the framework for references. Good luck! 

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