Exclusive Lightworker Inner Circle Series – Micheila Sheldan


Exclusive Lightworker Inner Circle Series by Micheila Sheldan sheds light on the connection between body and mind, awakening the inner strength source.

Exclusive Lightworker Inner Circle Series by Micheila Sheldan

Exclusive Lightworker Inner Circle Series by Micheila Sheldan is a course with illuminating instructions on how to wake up the limitless power of your own inner strength through the connection between your mind and body. The step – by – step guidelines on techniques are shared along with the in – depth analysis of the practical benefits to your awakening. 

  • Lightworker Inner Circle 1 – Thriving in the Fifth Dimension: 

The correlation between body and soul is pointed out so the mutual power and energies. The vibration, creativity, etc. are created by our emotional body, which can only be seen in the fifth dimension. The concentration on the heart chakra and communication portals is shared along with vibrational practices and homework for the integration of lessons. 

  • Lightworker Inner Circle 2 – Manifesting in the Fifth Dimension:

Instructions on the Lemurian and Pleiadian Collectives lead to an intimate understanding about a striking method of manifestation to connect the gap between the 3rd and 5th Dimension realities. Enhancing your self – awareness about the assignment  and the manifestation practices to complete your mission are what you can achieve in this session. 

  • Lightworker Inner Circle 3 – Discover Your Signature Imprint:

You will  learn more about how to enhance the inner workings of new portals of communication for the disclosure, cosmic family and DNA connections. The guidelines on how you can activate your internal receiver are shared so that you can gain the abilities to grasp information and have sharp observation. 

  • Lightworker Inner Circle 4 – Attuning the Physical Body for Collective Energies:

The walk – through on communication with the physical body, how to release resistance around dense cosmic history, the methods of re-patterning cellular energies, the discoveries of harmony and peace, and so on are provided so that density of the healer/collective relationship and frustrations is released. 

  • Lightworker Inner Circle 5 – Timeline Integration: Serving Yourself & Others through a New Frequency: 

The information and tools that you need for the integration periods to get the progress of vibration and physics towards manifestation are shared. Insights into six hours of channeled interactions with Dolphin Matrix along with  the DNA Crystallization and Activation Process are also packed in this session. 

  • Lightworker Inner Circle 6 – Arcing Through a Linear Timeline:

Instructions on the methods to activate the lightbody and magnetic field of yours through the powerful activations for the chakras outside of the physical body are shared. You will learn about quantum entangled relationships so that you can control and get over stress, emotional trauma and fear, and so on. As a result, the expansion of your energy field, consciousness, and the journey with the Arcturians, etc. are enabled.

There is much more waiting for you in the Exclusive Lightworker Inner Circle Series by Micheila Sheldan!

  1. Lightworker Inner Circle 7 – Dropping the Anchors, Activating your Inner Creator
  2. Lightworker Inner Circle 8 – Changing of the Tide, Architects of a New Humanity
  3. Lightworker Inner Circle 9 – Mentoring with the Higher Self, Activating Collective Energy for Manifestation
  4. Lightworker Inner Circle 10 – Your Inner Relationship to the Divine, Keycodes for Living in Harmony
  5. Lightworker Inner Circle 11 – Exploring Truth, Clearing the Way to Strengthen Belief
  6.  Lightworker Inner Circle 12 – Embodying Freedom, Activating the God/Goddess Within
  7. Lightworker Inner Circle 13 – Physical Enlightenment, Merging with Universal Energies
  8. Lightworker Inner Circle 14 – Soul Alchemy, Quantum Gateways for Collective Evolution

About Micheila Sheldan

Micheila Sheldan

Micheila Sheldan is a famous coach about intuitive channelling. In the long process of struggling with chronic pain, Micheila Sheldan got the light of intuitive gifts. Through years of researching and practicing, Micheila sheds light on the step – by step process through many courses and books. Her frameworks are based on a wide range of guides, such as Ascended Masters, Teachers, Philosophers, Interdimensional Beings and Collectives, including Mary Magdalene, the Pleiadians, the Council of Light, and so on. Micheila Sheldan is now in charge of the Executive Director of the Flower of Life Institute. 

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