EViews 5 Enterprise

EViews 5 Enterprise


Quantitative Micro Software’s EViews 5.0 is now available on the statistics server for installation. EViews must be metered and this metering has been set up using Zenworks. The simplest approach to installing EViews 5 is to simply copy our application object located at StatApps.Applications.ACS.Acad.UNT.

EViews has a ‘interesting’ (well, that’s a polite way to put it!) registration system which doesn’t seem to work very well! To get it to work, Nick Wagner – ACS Tech – actually had to write a command script to launch the application. Our pre-made application object runs that command script and also links EViews 5 to the license container for metering.

However, if you wish to make your own application object, use the following path for the executable: UNTUNTACADACSGAUSSSTATAPPSEViews5EViews.cmd (the location of this is pictured below): 


Be sure to link your application object to the license container for EViews which is the QMS+EViews+4_1 container located at Application Metering.ACS.Acad.UNT.

If you have any questions regarding the installation of EViews. Faculty and staff members who use EViews should contact their network managers to obtain a copy of this upgrade. Any questions regarding the use of EViews should be directed to Research and Statistical Support Services in the Computing and Information Technology Center.

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